Thursday, October 8, 2015

{shopping finds}

Happy Thursday!

Hope y'all are having a great week. I rarely get time to go browse in stores (thank goodness for online shopping!). When I do get a chance to shop in stores it's usually rush get in, get out, baby's crying, preschooler's hungry got to go type shopping. But last week- I had a little free time in the morning to hit up a few stops before picking up the little miss. I swung into Tuesday Morning and my oh my I could have done some damage. 
There were some good pillows to be had! 
If this guy had a mate I would I snagged these. Nothing better than a little velvet for fall/winter. 

Again- loved the green but there was only 1! :( I prefer to buy pillows in pairs. 

Another great basic smokey gray velvet pillow. These were large 24" and would look great on king size bed. 

I also always flip through the curtains even if I have no need for curtains :) These gray plaid curtains were just calling my name, I may go back for them! 

Really loved this jute rug too! 

Then I swung by home depot for tile shopping. Now I'm ready for a reno project to use these beautiful (and super affordable!!!) tiles. If someone wants to use any of these tiles in your upcoming reno- I'm your gal! They are 12 x 24 by premium tile! 

Love these for flooring! 

Also stopped by joann's fabrics and stopped to admire this collection. It just screams "fall." I'm going back for that blue/orange herringbone fabric for my little man's bedroom. 

That's all the shopping I had time for! Hope you enjoyed a few of my finds! 

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