Friday, October 30, 2015

{one room challenge: week 4}

I missed last happened and well the blog always takes a backseat. Here are more progress pics to keep you following along. It has to get worse before it gets better....lots of ugly pictures to share with you .

We (and in "we" I really mean the guys) pulled out all the fixtures. My handy brother-in-law did all the dry wall and mudding.

As you can see the floors under the linoleum were so yucky!! Ekk!

Then all that ugly was covered with all this pretty! Hex tiles for the win! Big box store selections aren't all that bad. This shows them before they were grouted and they looked even better after the grout was applied. 

I really don't like leaving you with all these ugly, unfinished progress photos but please come back next week and see the next step in this little renovation project! Thing start looking much better next week! 

Thursday, October 15, 2015

{one room challenge: powder bath inspiration}

Welcome to Week 2 of the One Room Challenge Hosted by Linda at Calling it Home Blog. 

I was so fun to read all the comments last week. I'm so glad to have all of you here following along with me! I was surprised to read that so many of you actually LIKED the pink sink :) (not so much the potty...). Well sorry to disappoint anyone who liked them, but they are both gone. I have a different vision for the space.  I am proud to say I kept them out of the landfill though, a woman came and picked them up and is repurposing them in her fixer upper. So hooray for that. :) 

Today I just wanted to share with you my inspiration for our Powder Bath Makeover. 
I couldn't find just one image that incapsulates what I want to create for our bathroom. So I have a whole collection of photos below. 

First up:
This classic bathroom. I've loved this image forever. Those sconces just steal the show. Also adore the warmth of a wood framed round (or oval in this case) mirror in a bathroom setting

This deep green wall color has my heart. I like how dark and moody this space feels.

The thin vertical stripes make a bold statement in such a narrow space. 

Love the classic timeless feeling of this bathroom. The sconces remind me of our existing piece which I may try to make work for the time being until I can save up for a swing sconce. 

A round mirror breaks up all the squares and hard edges.

Love the hex tile flooring and there is those vertical stripes again! 

Okay now imagine if all those images had a baby. Here is what I'm envisioning for our powder bath:

Here's to hoping I call pull this look off!  Stay tuned next week to see progress! 

Thursday, October 8, 2015

{One room challenge: Powder Bath}

Just sharing with y'all our little Powder Bath 'before' photos for the One Room Challenge

These are photos from the previous homeowner's stuff. Hubby took these photos when we were looking at the house. This powder bathroom is quant in every sense of the word. It's only about 3' by 5' literally big enough for the corner sink and the loo. That's it. 

I will be sharing with you the progress made on this little space every week for the next 6 weeks! I hope you will follow along in the transformation!  

What's a makeover without some ugly before photos. Disclaimer: The pink sink and toilet have found a new homeowner :) 

See y'all next week with my design board! 

{shopping finds}

Happy Thursday!

Hope y'all are having a great week. I rarely get time to go browse in stores (thank goodness for online shopping!). When I do get a chance to shop in stores it's usually rush get in, get out, baby's crying, preschooler's hungry got to go type shopping. But last week- I had a little free time in the morning to hit up a few stops before picking up the little miss. I swung into Tuesday Morning and my oh my I could have done some damage. 
There were some good pillows to be had! 
If this guy had a mate I would I snagged these. Nothing better than a little velvet for fall/winter. 

Again- loved the green but there was only 1! :( I prefer to buy pillows in pairs. 

Another great basic smokey gray velvet pillow. These were large 24" and would look great on king size bed. 

I also always flip through the curtains even if I have no need for curtains :) These gray plaid curtains were just calling my name, I may go back for them! 

Really loved this jute rug too! 

Then I swung by home depot for tile shopping. Now I'm ready for a reno project to use these beautiful (and super affordable!!!) tiles. If someone wants to use any of these tiles in your upcoming reno- I'm your gal! They are 12 x 24 by premium tile! 

Love these for flooring! 

Also stopped by joann's fabrics and stopped to admire this collection. It just screams "fall." I'm going back for that blue/orange herringbone fabric for my little man's bedroom. 

That's all the shopping I had time for! Hope you enjoyed a few of my finds! 

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