Monday, September 14, 2015

{design trend: colored trim}

Hey Friends!

I've been wanting to talk about painted (colored) trim for some time now. The concept is opposite what we see so often (colored walls with white/off-white trim). I first went looking for inspiration when we started re-doing our powder bath. I considered painting the trim a fun color and then going white on the walls however I ended up going a different direction because the tiny room really needed more color. However, I'm still loving this look. Hopefully I can use this somewhere in our home- thinking possibly the upstairs bathroom or maybe even the kitchen! :)

Basically you paint your trim the "color" and then go with a simple white (light netural) or wallpapered walls.  It adds interest and especially helps if you want your architectural details (trim, doors, stairs, window frames) to be the focal point of the room. Here are some of my favorite images below demonstrating this look. I predict this look will continue to flourish in the design world in the upcoming years.

Do y'all love this look as much as I do?!

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