Monday, December 22, 2014

{nursery update}

It's Christmas week! I hope you all are enjoying baking, shopping, wrapping and all things christmas-y. For the first time EVER....I think I'm pretty much done with everything which feels so good. I started shopping early this year and I think that was key. But for the most part, we kept things really simple this year-- a little bit of baking, simple decorations, and selective gifts. It has made this month quite enjoyable and much less stressful (which sadly is sometimes the case this time of year). With a little babe on the way (only 6 weeks left!) and an active 4 year is crazy enough. 

I really need to remember to keep it this simple every year. My only goal for this week is to just soak up the rest of the holiday festivities with my little family. This is our last year as a family of three....which makes me all sorts of sappy!

I am still slowly working little by little on the nursery....I finally got her crib bumper done last week and I must say, I am so glad that is over. I now totally understand why people pay good money for these things. I will only use ours for decoration so I really didn't want to spend $100+ for something that will be folded up in a drawer. I should have taken a close up....but it is made with a beautiful crewel fabric (repurposed from my son's crib bedding) and then I added the blue ruffle trim and fun little blue bows. It added just the right amount of femininity to the crib. I sort of love it....despite the labor intensive sewing process it turned out to be. 

I still need to purchase a new rug and some artwork, but other than that I think I am just about "done" with the nursery. Hoping to share some good quality photos with you very soon! 

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