Thursday, November 6, 2014

{One Room Challenge Week 6: Baby Girl Nursery}

We finally made it to week 6 of the One Room Challenge! 

This week was supposed to be the BIG reveal, however my little nursery is still a work in progress. I'm waiting on the rug, black-out lined woven shades and artwork and a few small finishing touches, you can't rush perfection (or that's what I'm telling myself anyway *wink,wink*). I almost picked up some art from a local antique store this week, but I just couldn't quite commit. I don't want to settle just to get the room "done" and photo ready. Thus, I've decided to wait until I have the entire room complete before I share real, large-scale photos of the space. I still have about 3 months before this little lady makes her arrival so I feel confidant it will be *complete* before her arrival. 

I guess that makes me a one room challenge failure but hey, I'm so tickled with the progress I've made in the past 6 weeks.... I'm not complaining. I would probably still be sitting on "go" had it not been for the challenge. It really forced me to think about the nursery, when it would have otherwise been put on the back burner. 

Pretty much nothing stayed the same on my design board as I had planned except for the Jenny Lind Crib and the Schumacher fabric (I think this is where I went "wrong", I should have had everything finalized before beginning the challenge....). Everything else changed out of necessity. 

The original antique dresser I was going to purchase sold to someone else. The nice glider we purchased is actually being used downstairs in our living room, so I ended up putting our little ikea chair turned rocking chair in the nursery instead (It actually fits the scale of the room quite nicely.) The small barn-sale table I painted just didn't feel right. So I swapped it out for a smaller, round burlap skirted table. The scalloped/pompom edge curtains I loved so dearly, got put on the back burner for down the road. I just ran out of time and energy to do it myself. I ended up settling on some sheer, neutral linen curtains. They add a bit of warmth to the white walls, which I think is quite nice.

Most importantly, I tried to reference my original inspiration photos whenever I hit a road block. I think I used elements from nearly every image (trying give it my own spin as I went along). I know this nursery may not be for everyone, but I love the direction it is headed in. I wanted it to have a little different feeling than your "typical" baby girl nursery, which I think I have accomplished. I will continue to edit and tweak in the next few weeks and months. Meanwhile, here a few progress photos just so you can get a feel for where the room is headed.

My favorite cozy little corner. I stuck my old ballet slippers into a shadowbox for easy "art". Baby blocks fill the glass jar. 

I stuck some dried hydrangeas from our yard into an old glass vase. They were the perfect shade of dusty pink. My plan is to fill all the old frames with newborn baby photos.

The "craziest" thing I have done in the nursery is hang the wire baskets on the wall. I know most people voted against it, but I like going against the grain a little bit. ;) They work perfectly for diaper storage. I just added a few other things I had laying around for now. 

My old hooks work perfectly behind the door. I think I will eventually use these for her little coats and hats but they currently hold a few of my favorite outfits. 

The crib got quite the mix of fabrics: paisley, polkadots, crewel and stripes paired with my old vintage quilt. Its eclectic for sure, but I think that's what's fun about designing children's rooms. You can be a little more playful with pattern mixing. * don't worry the bumper & pillows will all be removed before baby will ever use the crib, they are for decoration only* I'm sure the fern (thanks grandma sherri!) will have to be moved as well once baby starts walking, but for now it seems happy in the nursery. 

The pom-pom trim I was going to use on the curtains got used on the hamper liner instead. A fun a little touch I added at the last minute. It helps tie in with the white crib, changing pad cover, and chair slipcover.

That's about all I have to show you for now! I sure appreciate y'all joining me in this fun little adventure! I hope you will continue to stop by in the upcoming weeks as I put the finishing touches on the nursery! Thanks again!

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  1. Well, you may not have completely finished your nursery, but I love the direction it's headed! Your rocker and side table are so pretty and I love the paisley fabric on the pillows. Great collection of prints in the crib! Wait for those "perfect" can't rush'll find them over time. Best wishes to you and your little one! Elle

  2. Even though your nursery is a work in progress, I am loving the progress you have already made. the pom pom was a nice touch

  3. I'm with you girl, go against the grain! REALLY love the direction you have gone with this nursery - great fabric combos and personal touches. I will be waiting to see the finished product!

  4. Wow~ An absolutely stunning space! I love the vintage touches. As a fellow 6 week participant the six weeks was indeed a challenge and you rose up. Well done!

  5. well i for one LOVE those wire baskets on the wall...I think a wire basket works anywhere! I am loving what I am seeing so far, can't wait to see the full reveal....I had this same problem last ORC, my reveal was a couple weeks delayed, no reason to rush it. great job!

  6. I love the progress that you've made - this room will be beautiful! I love the wire baskets - such a neat idea. You have a great eye for décor - great job!
    Shelia @ House of Highlands

  7. Wait...I want to see more! This looks like such a cute nursery and that Schumacher fabric has always been one of my favorites! I know it will be awesome when finished:)

  8. If you are closer to the end than when you started, you are a success. It looks like you don't have much more. I think your touches are lovely and I know it will be adorable.


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