Thursday, October 30, 2014

{Baby Girl Nursery Week 5: One Room Challenge}

Happy Thursday!

I'm back today to share a few more snippets of the nursery. Things are moving forward, but definitely at a snail's pace. 

Still contemplating rugs. This jute/chenille blend is still in the lead. I'm diggin' the contrast with the crib skirt.

I got the minky diaper changing pad cover sewed up. Man oh man, minky is real pain to work with. SOOOO SLIPPERY! But it's so stinkin' soft it's hard to resist. After doing a little googling, I realized I could have ordered one from target exactly the same for the same price I paid for the fabric. Oh well. At least, I got some experience sewing with minky. Never again. :)

Been working on throwing together some accessories. Mostly just baby stuff turned home decor "accessory"

Ruffled my heart out on some bumper pad trim, only to not be in love with the main fabric. I tried to cut corners by reusing some old fabric I had....while it looks okay- I'm not sure it's *perfect* with the other fabric choices. Now I'm left with scraping these all together or trying to make them work (as you can see they are pinned but not completely stitched. Decisions, decisions. Trying to not loose sleep over them because let's be honest, they are mostly just for looks. 

Pulled these chunky frames out of storage. They work so well with the fabrics and have just the slightest bronze/metallic finish which I love. I just don't have anything to go inside of them....ugh. I'm doubting the lack of art issue will be fixed in the next week. Simply running out of time.

Also, found a home for the burlap. It's just about as much of a pain to sew with as the minky but for totally opposite's so darn stiff! I'm sure there is a tutorial out there that shows how to soften burlap, but I didn't have time for that. 

You will also see I busted out my can of gold spray paint. Gave new life to these old wall hooks I had laying around. 

That's about all I have to share with you today. I have all the fabric for the curtains- just need to hire my seamstress aka (me). We have a big weekend with Halloween festivities, Church obligations, and the like, so I'm not hopeful this weekend will be too productive. But stay tuned....hoping I can pull something together for next week, if nothing else, I will share bigger than sneak peek size photos and drag this out to be a 12 week challenge! :)

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  1. Lol..I used the same mink fabric to reupholster my son's chair.

  2. I love the tiny elements used in the room. Good luck.


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