Thursday, October 30, 2014

{Baby Girl Nursery Week 5: One Room Challenge}

Happy Thursday!

I'm back today to share a few more snippets of the nursery. Things are moving forward, but definitely at a snail's pace. 

Still contemplating rugs. This jute/chenille blend is still in the lead. I'm diggin' the contrast with the crib skirt.

I got the minky diaper changing pad cover sewed up. Man oh man, minky is real pain to work with. SOOOO SLIPPERY! But it's so stinkin' soft it's hard to resist. After doing a little googling, I realized I could have ordered one from target exactly the same for the same price I paid for the fabric. Oh well. At least, I got some experience sewing with minky. Never again. :)

Been working on throwing together some accessories. Mostly just baby stuff turned home decor "accessory"

Ruffled my heart out on some bumper pad trim, only to not be in love with the main fabric. I tried to cut corners by reusing some old fabric I had....while it looks okay- I'm not sure it's *perfect* with the other fabric choices. Now I'm left with scraping these all together or trying to make them work (as you can see they are pinned but not completely stitched. Decisions, decisions. Trying to not loose sleep over them because let's be honest, they are mostly just for looks. 

Pulled these chunky frames out of storage. They work so well with the fabrics and have just the slightest bronze/metallic finish which I love. I just don't have anything to go inside of them....ugh. I'm doubting the lack of art issue will be fixed in the next week. Simply running out of time.

Also, found a home for the burlap. It's just about as much of a pain to sew with as the minky but for totally opposite's so darn stiff! I'm sure there is a tutorial out there that shows how to soften burlap, but I didn't have time for that. 

You will also see I busted out my can of gold spray paint. Gave new life to these old wall hooks I had laying around. 

That's about all I have to share with you today. I have all the fabric for the curtains- just need to hire my seamstress aka (me). We have a big weekend with Halloween festivities, Church obligations, and the like, so I'm not hopeful this weekend will be too productive. But stay tuned....hoping I can pull something together for next week, if nothing else, I will share bigger than sneak peek size photos and drag this out to be a 12 week challenge! :)

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

{One Room Challenge: Baby Girl Nursery Week 4}

Yikes week 4....already? 

I have to admit, I haven't had a super productive week. I debated not even posting anything this week because I have nothing fun to show you. We went fabric shopping last weekend. Unfortunately, I couldn't find enough of the fabric I needed for the draperies (I will have to order online...) but I did snag 10 yards of pom-pom trim. 

I also went ahead and ordered a fitted crib sheet. It should arrive today. I just felt better about ordering a fitted sheet that was already made verses home-made. I found this skip hop dotted sheet on clearance and it will work well with the Arklow paisley fabric. I like to keep a few sheets on hand for those times when you are laundering one- so I'm going to keep my eyes open for different print so I can have two different looks. 

Skip Hop Mod Dot Crib Sheet

I ended up using the Arklow paisley on the crib skirt which I got done yesterday.
I went with the tie-on method so the skirt will be adjustable as we lower the crib. The whole crib skirt took me 30 minutes. I don't know why I've been putting it off for so long.

(sorry if you are tired of seeing photos of this fabric every week)

Ribbons make adjusting a breeze. 

I think I'm also going to make a crib bumper even though it won't be used 90% of the time. I just feel like the crib needs a feminine touch on the bumpers- either a ruffle trim and bows or a pleated trim and bows. Using the crib photo below for inspiration.

I also found this complimentary blue-gray throw pillow at Tuesday Morning for cheap. It matches the blue-gray in the paisley just perfectly. I plan to use it on the upholstered glider. 

 I've also been keeping my eye open for some fun artwork. I found this piece I just love by Sarah Robertson. However, it is not available anymore. I'd like to find something a little unexpected/untraditonal for the nursery walls. I think it'd be fun to pass on a piece of original artwork to her...but with my small budget I may have to DIY something. 

Sarah Robertson Art - Chapel with Cotton II

Thanks for stopping by this week. I hope I didn't bore you all to pieces- I promise I'll try to have something more exciting to share with you next week. 

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Thursday, October 16, 2014

{Baby Girl Nursery Week 3: One Room Challenge}

Good Morning Friends!

I'm still working away on the nursery in my free time. I must say I feel so much better about things this week!

Our Jenny Lind crib finally arrived and it was super easy to put actually took longer to disassemble the old crib than it did to put together the new crib. It looks and fits so much better in our small space. 

I laid out the paisley fabric and tucked some burlap in underneath the rails to see how they worked together...I love the combination of feminine paisley with the more rustic burlap. But I'm still toying with fabric ideas....I'm trying to find some complimentary blue/gray fabrics that work well with the paisley print, but don't make the the room feel too boy-ish. In my mind, I have a tiny brown or gray pin dot fabric planned to coordinate.

Potential crib sheet options: 

Gold polka dot crib sheet

I also got the little barn-sale table painted last weekend. I went with Accessible Beige by Sherwin was leftover paint from our kitchen and it works. It's not crazy exciting, but it sure looks a lot better than it's "before" state. I'm still debating on whether or not to skirt this piece.

My BEST find of the week came when I discovered this dresser on craigslist. I actually attempted to purchase this piece a month ago via a facebook for-sale page but the lady told me she wouldn't hold it for me. It was located about an hour from where we live...and I just wasn't sure it was worth the drive/hauling hassle (plus, I thought I could just purchase the other dresser at the antique store....). I really prefer looking at antique pieces in person, so I totally respected her decision to not hold and moved on with life. I figured it sold because there was quite a bit of interest from other buyers on facebook. She had it listed at $175.

That was until a month later (this week...) I hopped on craigslist and saw she had re-listed the same dresser for $75! Now we were talkin'! $75 was totally worth the hour drive/hauling hassle in my opinion. And Mr. Cattlebuyer just so happened to be passing through the town it was located in the next day, so I begged him to stop by and check it out. We ended up getting it for $65! I can't believe it....lady luck was totally on our side. I think the lady was eager to sell. You can't tell in the pictures but this piece is larger than your typical dresser, its actually more like a tall chest of drawers. It's about 43" wide by 39" tall. 

I just LOVE the big wooden knobs and key holes. It's perfect. 

I also found a new inspiration picture for the draperies. I just adore the scalloped-pom pom edge. So fun! 

That's about all the progress I've made this week. I hope you'll come back next week to see more. My goal is to get the fabric selection finalized and hopefully get a items sewed up! 

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Thursday, October 9, 2014

{Baby Girl Nursery Week 2: One Room Challenge}

Happy Thursday Friends! 

So far this one room challenge is holding me accountable for atleast checkin' in with y'all! I haven't accomplished much in the past week....I'm actually feeling a bit overwhelmed at the moment. I need to reign in my ideas and start buckling down and gettin' to work. For the past week, I've been collecting....more ideas and more things.Which has been good and bad....good because I've scored a few fun things for the nursery....bad because I have SO many ideas I need to start weeding out the ideas that aren't going to work or happen in the next few weeks. 

Some key elements of the design have changed in the past week. The beautiful antique chest of drawers that I have been loving for the past YEAR that I shared with y'all on the design board last week.....SOLD. I couldn't believe it (well I kind of can because that is SO my luck!!) I went last weekend to purchase the piece as I told you all I would and I walked in and saw her sittin' there all pretty right where she has been for an entire year. I took my sweet time browsing and when I got closer I noticed the price tag was missing!!! My heart started to sink but I had faith that maybe the tag "just fell off". I went straight to the counter and asked the woman working and she said the chest had just sold and the lady was picking it up next week! ahhhhh!!! I could have cried in all my pregnancy hormone craziness. Then I brought myself back down to earth and remembered it's not the end of the world....something else will come along.

Good bye beautiful chest...

So in all my sadness, it only made sense to come home and order our new crib from amazon instead. This behavior is SO not like me...I usually sit on things for weeks before purchasing. But I also knew it was a key element to the design and overall feel of the room. I know everyone and their cousin has used this jenny lind crib in the past few years, but there is just something classic and timeless about it. We now own two cribs. Craziness. The good thing is that neither cost a fortune so I felt like I could justify the purchase. 


So here is a little of what I have "gathered" so far. 

If you remember I originally planned on finding a wire wall shelf organizer. Similar to this piece from Restoration Hardware Baby & Child: 

But in true "Lesley" fashion I knew I wasn't going to spend nearly $200 for the RH piece. So I found it's twin at World Market for half the price: 

But now I'm thinking maybe it's too industrial for such a feminine space? What do y'all think? 

I've always LOVED this image with the vintage wire basket used as "shelf". 

I love the wire basket for storage and a vintage dresser for a changing table...cute

So meanwhile I found some wire baskets at Homegoods. They aren't super long like the one used above, so I bought two of them for a similar look. They have kind of an aged wire blue finish on them which looks great with the paisley fabric. I'm just trying to decide if they would look good hung on the wall or not.....I like that they are "less structured" than the world market piece but I don't want them to look silly either. I figure if I don't use them above the changing table/dresser I can always use them for storage elsewhere.

In all my craziness last weekend, I went out to a barn sale! This woman had tons of "antiques" for cheap stored up in her barn! Granted none of the stuff was in great shape....but if you were looking for a bargain like I was, it was a total jackpot. I dug this little table out of the barn for a few bucks. I think it will look pretty once it's painted or skirted or both (haven't decided). I think I will use it next to the glider chair. I thought it'd also make a cute nightstand when this little lady grows up. 

Plans for it include maybe a burlap ruffled slipcover?

great tableskirt from etsy seller paula and erika...they make round ones too!

Or maybe I'll do something like Dixie Delights, paint the top and skirt just the bottom? 

ASCP Old White coated in clear wax - staple on few yards burlap to cover for two sewing machines into nightstands

This doesn't really have anything to do with the room but I also found this vintage high chair for $5. It is actually in good, sturdy shape- just missing most of the paint. I think the lady started to sand it down to refinish it, but just never finished. I couldn't pass it up. Of course, I will never use it as an actual high chair....but I thought it'd be a fun photo prop and maybe little sister will want to use it for her dolls someday. 

I also found this baby quilt in the hall closet. I've been hanging on to it for YEARS for no specific reason. I think I purchased it at an estate sale when I was in elementary school (thanks mom for dragging me along with you at such a young age!). It is clearly very old and faded and it's not in the best shape....but for some reason I've hung on to it for all these years. I'd like to think that maybe God knew I was going to have a little girl and someday I would want it! :) It doesn't exactly go with the paisley fabric, but i'm going to use it somewhere just not sure where or how.

I think I'm also going to pick up another jute/chenille rug from target. I don't love the border on it....but we have this rug in our dining room and for the price and softness it can't be beat. It's not scratchy like most jute rugs (thanks to the chenille) and it doesn't shed at all which I love. For a small 5 x 7 it's only $72 on sale right now...very tempting.

Threshold™ Chenille Jute Woven Area Rug

After mourning over the loss of my old chest, I found this dresser below at an antique store this week. I love the feminine curve and key holes....just not sure it's exactly what I had in mind. 

Okay that's all my random thoughts for one week. Thanks for listening to all my rambling.... I'm sure I'll be back next week with more crazy thoughts. Here's to hoping I actually get something accomplished by then! :) 

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Thursday, October 2, 2014

{we're having a.....}


Y'all I could have just about passed out with excitement on the ultrasound table....actually I nearly did! Apparently laying on your back while pregnant reduces the blood flow to your brain (that's what the ultrasound tech told me). I'm not sure if it was that, or the total shock after finding out we are having a baby GIRL! We are absolutely thrilled and feel so blessed to be having another healthy baby! 

With all that being said, it's time to design a NURSERY!!! My plate is rather full with wonderful design clients, but now that I know what we are having....I must not delay in designing a sweet, feminine nursery space fit for a baby girl. The timing of our announcement just so happens to work perfectly with the "One Room Challenge" that Linda at Calling it Home has created. I decided to participate in the 6 week link up party! I've wanted to do this challenge for such a long time, but the timing has never worked out quite right. I think this challenge will push me to get the nursery going before the holidays arrive.


Here are my nursery inspiration photos:

Country Living: Bargains abound in the twins' nursery: a Jenny Lind-style crib by DaVinci for Target, an Ikea chair, and an Albrecht Durer owl print from The toile drapes are by Curtainworks.    I think this is such a cute simple baby room!

Chic girl's nursery design with gray walls framing white Jenny Lind Crib

love these curtains and this color scheme via Grace Happens

scallop edge slipcover

Low prices and free shipping on F Schumacher. Search thousands of patterns. Strictly first quality.

Headboard and bed skirt

One of my favorite nurseries...just recently completed by the ridiculously talented Amy!!

All photo credits can be found via my Pinterest Boards.

Here is the room in it's current state. It's a little, white blank-slate of a room, which is better than a room off an episode of hoarders it was a few days ago! This room has been our catch-all room for the past year we've lived here...I thought I'd spare you all the mess! :)

Now that I have the room all cleaned up, it's ready for a feminine makeover. The crib is from our first born. I love the memories I have of my son in it....but my style has definitely changed in the past 4 years. I'm hoping to find it a new loving home in next few weeks, but if not I may work it into the design.

There are two blank walls and two walls with windows.

This room also has a teeny, tiny closet which I can't wait to fill up with eyelets, scallops, ruffles, and bows. Having a little girl is going to be SO MUCH FUN! That being said, I have an entire girl wardrobe to purchase in the next few months, so this nursery is going to be done on a budget. I'm going to re-use and re-purpose as much as I can!

Here are the design plans I have come up with so far, I'm sure things may change in the next few weeks. We already have the lamp, glider chair, mirror, and schumacher paisley fabric.  I'm hoping to go snag the antique chest in the next day or two....praying it's still for sale! 

I hope you come back next week to see what all I've accomplished! 

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

{e-design client "after" photos}

It's always such a thrill when I receive "after" photos from an E-Design client in my inbox. I love seeing how my clients translate their design boards into real life spaces. Seeing these after photos just confirms that the E-Design process works just as good as traditional, in-person design services. As you will see in the photos below this design client has phenomenal was such a treat to work with her!

 I hope y'all enjoy! And be sure to come back to visit the blog tomorrow...I have some exciting news to share!

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