Tuesday, September 30, 2014


My sweet boy is four years old today! The years fly by quicker and quicker every year. I started the tradition 4 years ago of writing my boy a letter/blog post on his birthday so I must carry on....I hope someday he will read all his letters and know how special and loved he is and will always be.

Sweet boy, words can't describe the amount of JOY you bring to our lives. The past 4 years have just flown by you've gone from a chubby baby into a little boy overnight. As much as we miss that little baby boy, we just love and adore the little person you are today. These days you have an opinion about just about everything. You love doing things "all by yourself"....yet you still ask for help from time to time. You are independent, smart, giggle-y, tender-hearted, yet rough and tumble. You make everyone feel like they are the most loved person in the world...."the best". You never meet a stranger. I hope this personality trait stays with you forever. You have a gift of making everyone feel like your best friend even if you've never met them before. You love BIG. 

Your favorite activities are riding your bike and scooter around the driveway (I always have to draw you a race track with sidewalk chalk), playing with your cars and batman figures, stroller rides (walks), reading books, going to the park and having a picnic, cutting out shapes with scissors, playing nerf guns, digging in the dirt with your tonka trucks, "just looking" in the toy aisles, wrestling with daddy, and watching your favorite cartoons when you first wake up in the morning. You are pretty predicable. Your favorite foods are jelly sandwiches, spaghetti, pizza, applesauce, and your favorite sweet treats are oreos, donuts, and gummy bears. Oh and I can't forget your beloved sippy cups- you still LOVE apple juice. 

Our favorite things you say are:
 "I don't know any sing (thing)."
 "I got-for (forgot) them" 
"I love you Momma Dadda, I love you all"
"for ages...." (a long time ago...)
"today is a perfect day for..... (fill in the blank) usually it's going to the park, putt-putt golfing, going for a walk."
"wish I could have a (fill in with nearly any animal)....guinea pig, fish, dog, cat,"

You often refer to people in third person: "Her likes going to the zoo" 

You and daddy have dozens of funny/quirky little sayings: "peace out girl scout" (when you are are doing boy things), "show chow" (shower), "corn diggers" (corn dogs), "nugga-nugga" (when you rub noses like Daniel tiger)

You lead prayer at night time and you've gotten really good at doing the sign of the cross by yourself. 

You are dreamer- you are always wishing for SOMETHING. And you love to talk....you are rarely, if ever quiet. Same goes for moving....you are never still. You love running, jumping, dancing, wrestling. You love making others laugh by doing funny faces or doing a silly dance. On the other  hand, you still love "snuggle-buggin" (snuggling) with momma or dadda and you will climb up on my lap nearly any chance you get.You give lots of hugs and kisses to us. You still carry around your snuggie (blankie) and teddy (bear). 

You take occasional naps, we usually go for late afternoon walks which make you very sleepy. Mommy can barely carry you inside because you are sooo big and heavy these days. You weigh about 40 lbs. You don't like bugs, going to bed at night, or saying goodbye to anyone. 

Most importantly, you are the most special being daddy and I have ever known. We still find ourselves (I'm sure we will do this for the rest of our lives...) asking how we got so lucky to be your parents! You are our greatest gift. Your light shines bright for everyone who knows you. It's such a joy watching you grow up. I know you are going to make such a great big brother next year, you are going to be my little helper. I pray you always know how much you are loved by the Lord. Love you more than words can describe. 

forever and always,

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  1. You are not the only lucky one. He is lucky to have a mom like you! Your love and pride is apparent and translates in your writing.


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