Monday, July 28, 2014

{the BIG news}

If you've wondered where I've been....I have a really good excuse! We are excited to announce we are expecting our 2nd baby this winter! As you can see in the photo, big brother is pretty excited about the new addition! I can't believe when I started this little blog I was pregnant with our first and here I am 4 years later.....announcing our second! I love that I have all these precious years in between documented here on the sure has been fun! 

I will try and drop in here and there, but as you can already see blogging has taken a real backseat since Summer began. I do hope you will come back and visit once in awhile and I promise I will try to update y'all on my design projects as I've been continually busy all year (very grateful for all my clients!) I'm planning on continuing to take new clients until later this fall, if y'all are interested contact me before then and I will get you on my schedule! 

Thanks, as always, for reading this little blog of mine! It has been such a blessing to my life! 


  1. So excited to be an aunt again! He or She will be just as loved as Mister Cash!


  2. Congratulations! Such exciting news.


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