Tuesday, June 3, 2014

{your home houses your story}


I found this image via Design Sponge and it really resonated with me. So today I'm on my Interior Design soap box....hope you don't mind. :) 

 In a world full of materialism, and particularly working in a profession that primarily revolves around materialistic items, sometimes it's easy for me (as I'm sure it is most designers...) to loose focus on what really matters in this world. I am reminded of this every time I go to a local estate sale and see all of someone's belongings strung throughout their home with sale stickers on them. We cannot take any of our belongings with us when we go, but for the short time we are here on this earth I think God truly wants us be surrounded with the things we love, but also be okay with letting go of those "things" when the time comes (it could even be when disaster strikes...fires, tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, death, you just never know when....) these life events help keep our desire of "things" in perspective. But at the end of the day, I truly believe Interior Design and the things that fill our home do matter regardless of when we meet the day we will have to let go of them....it matters to us now and it matters long after we are gone or our things have gone. The items that fill our home tell our life story: the things that make us smile and laugh, the things that remind us of a different place and time in our lives, and maybe even things that make us remember people that have gone before us. Your home in essence is your collection of memories...which is exactly why I believe you can't just "buy" your home or furnishings off a showroom floor. It takes the old, the new, the bargain, the hand-me-down, and the splurge items to create a home that is only YOURS. 

Make your home tell YOUR unique story. Don't wait until tomorrow or next year or "when you have more money". Interior design doesn't have to be crazy expensive. These days interior design services are more affordable and obtainable than ever before. A good interior designer will help you tell your story (not their story...). Even if you don't know what your story really is, an interior designer is trained to help you find that special, one-of-a-kind style. Find a designer that will make your home be a reflection of you, a designer that will work with what you have (right here and right now) because a trained designer will make your collection of things beautiful regardless of price point. 

If you need help with your home, I'd be honored to work with you to make your home tell your story. Simply email me at moderngracedesigns@hotmail.com, I'd love to chat with you about your unique design goals! 

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