Monday, May 5, 2014

{spring things}

Happy Monday! 

Just dropping in to share with y'all a few phone pictures.  

The lilac bushes in our little town are absolutely amazing right now. These deep purple ones are my favorite. 

This morning we went out real quick and picked some flowers growing in our yard. The lilly of the valley is my personal favorite, but the irises were pretty too! My goal for our yard is to have flowers continually blooming from spring to fall so I always have something to pick and stick in a vase. "Free" flowers are my favorite flowers! ;) 

I recently stumbled upon this chippy blue-gray stand at an estate sale last week. It's a little more primitive/rustic than what I normally gravitate towards, but it was so cute and cheap I couldn't pass it up. 

It found it's home in my little guy's bedroom. I think it's just perfect size to be a nightstand. Now I need to get some motivation to do some painting....the red walls are the next to go! I'm waiting for the rest of his bedding to come in before I pull the trigger on a specific wall color.

Hope you all are enjoying your day! I've got quite a few exciting/fun design projects going on right now, I will be back to share more details soon! 

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