Friday, April 11, 2014

{close ups around my house}

Happy Friday!

Just dropping in to share with y'all some random close up photos & updates around our house. These updates have been over the course of 3 or 4 months...we've just been doing little things here and there.

Our shiny new kitchen knobs from Amazon make me soooo happy. I highly recommend them! I wasn't sure what the quality was going to be like since I ordered them online....but so far I'm super pleased. They are solid and the finish is a nice quality. They really blend in so much better with the kitchen and I love how they add a little touch of sparkle to the cabinets. 

For those wondering what my fish floats look like. These are them! I'm loving em' so much. For now I have them displayed on these glass candleholders I already had...but I think once I get a few more I will put them in a bowl or something. Those are also my Pearly White, Sherwin Williams walls in the dining you see this color! 

I also got my "faux" roman shades made for the kitchen. I used up most of my precious Victoria Hagan Four Seasons fabric. They really add a touch color to the kitchen which is nice. I had to get creative with these, since I could only afford to buy so much of this fabric. I used about every last inch of the stuff. I still need to make my pinch pleat cafe curtains for the sink window with the little fabric I have left....but I need to get more liner so they are on hold for the time-being.

I also took off two of our upper cabinet kitchen doors (flanking the sink/window). I'm still deciding if this will work for us or not. So far I kind of love it...but I haven't filled in the old door holes yet so I'm not entirely committed to the look should I change my mind! ;) The woven baskets add some great texture and warmth. 

I also recently sewed up some of my bargain herringbone fabric I purchased a few months back at Joanns. I made two throw pillows for our living room...easy update!

I purchased this Vintage Haeger vase at an antique store a few weeks ago....nothing special but I loved the color of it. Can't wait to fill it with a big bouquet of lilly of the valley once it comes up! 

These are my new Bradley & Hubbard andirons I found a few weeks ago (We've been antiquing hard lately....almost every weekend. It's so addicting! I love the thrill of the hunt and thankfully Mr.Cattlebuyer secretly likes it too!) Anyways we got these for only $35! I couldn't believe it, as most andirons this style & size go for $100-$200+  I'm going to try to refinishing them at some point down the road.

Our babies (seedlings) are also doing quite well. Being that this is our first time growing anything from seeds I'm happy with their progress. I had to transplant all of them early this week into the plastic liners after my starter peat pots started showing signs of mold. My fault because I was watering them wrong and I didn't use a grow light or mat...whoops. I'm a novice. I think in the future I will simply use plastic from the get go they seem to work just as well!

Lastly, our daffodils finally bloomed on the north side of our house. I'm not usually a yellow lover, but these make me so happy! One of the old homeowners planted these...and I'm so thankful. They were a welcome surprise this week!

Hope y'all enjoy your weekend!

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