Tuesday, April 8, 2014

{artist love: cathleen rehfeld}

Happy Tuesday! 

Hope this post finds you all well. Dropping in to share a new-to-me artist I am head over heels for.  I know art is so subjective, so you may not enjoy what I enjoy but I like sharing art sources regardless.

Cathleen Rehfeld's art is amazing. She specializes in small still life and landscape pieces which are my personal favorite! I love how her pieces are realistic yet slightly abstracted. The brushstrokes are so carefree & fresh. Best of all, she creates small "daily paintings" she puts on sale for purchase at very reasonable prices. I would be honored to some day own one of her creations! The "daily painting" pieces do go very fast-- so if you like something you better buy it as soon as you see it! 

Here are some of my favorites she has created:

Cathleen Rehfeld

Cathleen Rehfeld

7.  This work of art uses ariel perspective by putting the focus on the landscape in front of you and blurring out the mountains in the background, making them a more bluish than the rest of the picture.

cathleen rehfeld, hood river large oils

A Series of River Paintings, painting by artist Cathleen Rehfeld

cathleen rehfeld • Daily Painting: 4 Cups

"Phoebe" - Original Fine Art for Sale - © Cathleen Rehfeld

I first saw Cathleen's work through In The Fields Blog whose home has been featured in Country Living magazine (you will probably recognize her dining room & guest house!) Catherine combined Cathleen's pieces with her antique frames and the pairing is perfection. The antique gold frames give the pieces an old world feel.

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