Tuesday, April 29, 2014

{in my shopping cart}

Hi friends! 
I hope your week is off to a good start! Just dropping in to share with you a few of my latest online shopping finds.

Marina Arm Chair

The Marina Arm Chair in Charcoal Gray (although the fabric looks brownish in this photo) for the host chairs my dining room.  I think these are *the* chairs. After searching tirelessly for months, I think I'm going to go with this particular chair. They are super affordable and I think they will look nice paired with my more traditional dining table. 


Globe Light Strand

Globe lights for our Sun Room. I love the ambiance these create. 


Threshold™ Round Mirror 3 Pack - Ivory

This set of mirrors is on sale at Target right now all three for $19.99. My plan is to give them all gold frames (using my gold rub n' buff) and then hang one (not sure what i'll do with the third mirror yet...) above my pair of stacked blueprint frames in my living room (will have to take photo to give you a "visual" once they are done!) 


I also committed to some fabric for my dining room. I found a remnant piece of Schumacher's Arklow Paisley in Stone. It's neutral with just a touch of blue. I love it and the price was PERFECT. I love finding designer fabric at a discounted price! :)

Here it is used on throw pillows. So pretty right? 


I'm always up for finding new artists. My latest art find is the painting well on etsy. 100% of every sale goes to cancer research- and her paintings are so beautiful. I can't decide which one I want to order because I like them all!  

ASHORE, oil landscape painting original 100% charity donation, 9X12 canvas  panel, clouds, river, lake, shore

ABOVE IT ALL, oil painting original landscape 100% charity donation, 5x7 oil painting on paper, clouds, cream, field

MEANDERING, oil landscape painting original 100% charity donation, 11x14 canvas  panel, field, low country

CURL, oil painting original landscape 100% charity donation, 6x8 oil painting on paper, clouds,


Lastly, I'm loving these Pedestal tables on overstock. They remind me of restoration hardware, except they come with a much more affordable price tag. 

Hope you enjoyed some of my latest finds! 

Sunday, April 27, 2014

{spring has sprung}

Sorry for the unannounced silence here on the blog. We've been goin' 100mph since spring hit our region :) 

We celebrated Easter & my birthday since I last blogged. 

For my birthday, my boys treated me to some new plants: A Red Bud tree, a Incrediball Hydrangea, and two Kimberly queen ferns. I cannot wait to get them all planted! I blogged a few months ago that I wanted to get a hammock for my upcoming birthday...but as the weather warmed up I quickly realized that my life is totally not in a "hammock" season. No rest for the weary (right mommas?!) Maybe someday I'll get my hammock, but until then I'll be enjoying my pretty new arrivals:  

 In case you need some visuals, I threw in some stock photos for good measure:

In other news, I've been thoroughly obsessing (ridiculous) over a pair of new lamps for our master bedroom.  We have a pair of bachelor's chests on either side of our bed and they will need a substantial sized lamp for proportion's sake. Thus, I'm leaning towards a garden stool/barrel shaped ceramic lamp. I love big, over-sized lamps....nothing drives me more crazy than a miniature sized table lamps (hello target lamp aisle...! Most of their lamps are way too small for real life if you ask me!) 

Anyways-- here are some of the lamps I'm eyeballing (granted a few of these are way out of budget....) but fun for inspiration nonetheless...

Hexagonal Garden Stool Lamp - look at this gorgeous glaze!

If you wish to buy please click on amazon under this Pinterest Pin. Carved Green Garden Stool Shaped Ceramic Table Lamp by Cyan Designs, http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001YZP2LM?ie=UTF8=213733=393177=B001YZP2LM=shr=abacusonlines-20=1361509520=8-32=majolica+pottery

0978SGLP.TS Tuscan garden stool lamp 31h

lattice garden stool lamp

I've also been working on our living room. I'm leaning towards purchasing some drop leaf or gate leg style side tables for the "end tables" next to our sofa. 

My inspiration photo:


Found a few online. I really want antique pieces (of course I can never find what I want when I'm looking for specific items for myself! Boo!) I did find some online that might work, but I'm going to check craigslist for while before I shell out for shipping. 

Antique English Victorian Barley Twist Drop Leaf End Table Petite | eBay. Own it, now~ to paint or not to paint??

Antique Drop Leaf Table Gate Leg Walnut Wood

Small early to mid century drop leaf oak table

That's all I have for today...hope y'all are having a wonderful weekend! Hope to be back soon! 

Friday, April 11, 2014

{close ups around my house}

Happy Friday!

Just dropping in to share with y'all some random close up photos & updates around our house. These updates have been over the course of 3 or 4 months...we've just been doing little things here and there.

Our shiny new kitchen knobs from Amazon make me soooo happy. I highly recommend them! I wasn't sure what the quality was going to be like since I ordered them online....but so far I'm super pleased. They are solid and the finish is a nice quality. They really blend in so much better with the kitchen and I love how they add a little touch of sparkle to the cabinets. 

For those wondering what my fish floats look like. These are them! I'm loving em' so much. For now I have them displayed on these glass candleholders I already had...but I think once I get a few more I will put them in a bowl or something. Those are also my Pearly White, Sherwin Williams walls in the dining you see behind....love this color! 

I also got my "faux" roman shades made for the kitchen. I used up most of my precious Victoria Hagan Four Seasons fabric. They really add a touch color to the kitchen which is nice. I had to get creative with these, since I could only afford to buy so much of this fabric. I used about every last inch of the stuff. I still need to make my pinch pleat cafe curtains for the sink window with the little fabric I have left....but I need to get more liner so they are on hold for the time-being.

I also took off two of our upper cabinet kitchen doors (flanking the sink/window). I'm still deciding if this will work for us or not. So far I kind of love it...but I haven't filled in the old door holes yet so I'm not entirely committed to the look should I change my mind! ;) The woven baskets add some great texture and warmth. 

I also recently sewed up some of my bargain herringbone fabric I purchased a few months back at Joanns. I made two throw pillows for our living room...easy update!

I purchased this Vintage Haeger vase at an antique store a few weeks ago....nothing special but I loved the color of it. Can't wait to fill it with a big bouquet of lilly of the valley once it comes up! 

These are my new Bradley & Hubbard andirons I found a few weeks ago (We've been antiquing hard lately....almost every weekend. It's so addicting! I love the thrill of the hunt and thankfully Mr.Cattlebuyer secretly likes it too!) Anyways we got these for only $35! I couldn't believe it, as most andirons this style & size go for $100-$200+  I'm going to try to refinishing them at some point down the road.

Our babies (seedlings) are also doing quite well. Being that this is our first time growing anything from seeds I'm happy with their progress. I had to transplant all of them early this week into the plastic liners after my starter peat pots started showing signs of mold. My fault because I was watering them wrong and I didn't use a grow light or mat...whoops. I'm a novice. I think in the future I will simply use plastic from the get go they seem to work just as well!

Lastly, our daffodils finally bloomed on the north side of our house. I'm not usually a yellow lover, but these make me so happy! One of the old homeowners planted these...and I'm so thankful. They were a welcome surprise this week!

Hope y'all enjoy your weekend!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

{artist love: cathleen rehfeld}

Happy Tuesday! 

Hope this post finds you all well. Dropping in to share a new-to-me artist I am head over heels for.  I know art is so subjective, so you may not enjoy what I enjoy but I like sharing art sources regardless.

Cathleen Rehfeld's art is amazing. She specializes in small still life and landscape pieces which are my personal favorite! I love how her pieces are realistic yet slightly abstracted. The brushstrokes are so carefree & fresh. Best of all, she creates small "daily paintings" she puts on sale for purchase at very reasonable prices. I would be honored to some day own one of her creations! The "daily painting" pieces do go very fast-- so if you like something you better buy it as soon as you see it! 

Here are some of my favorites she has created:

Cathleen Rehfeld

Cathleen Rehfeld

7.  This work of art uses ariel perspective by putting the focus on the landscape in front of you and blurring out the mountains in the background, making them a more bluish than the rest of the picture.

cathleen rehfeld, hood river large oils

A Series of River Paintings, painting by artist Cathleen Rehfeld

cathleen rehfeld • Daily Painting: 4 Cups

"Phoebe" - Original Fine Art for Sale - © Cathleen Rehfeld

I first saw Cathleen's work through In The Fields Blog whose home has been featured in Country Living magazine (you will probably recognize her dining room & guest house!) Catherine combined Cathleen's pieces with her antique frames and the pairing is perfection. The antique gold frames give the pieces an old world feel.

Monday, April 7, 2014

{design musings & seasonal sales}

Happy Monday! Just gathering up my random thoughts from the weekend.

One of my favorite things in the whole wide world is studying/learning from other designers I really admire! I am always up for listening to a online seminar or reading an article or blog post on an hot design topic. It just feeds my design loving soul. 

Lately, I've been watching some of Tobi Fairley's CreativeLive via House Beautiful Courses. I've admired Tobi's work prior to watching her live, but I have a whole new appreciation after listening to her thoughts! She mentions lots of great points about function driven interior design. Why oh why couldn't she have been one of my professors in college (I think I would have paid way more attention had she been my professor!) She also has courses on how to create your dream space/incorporating color into your home.

Here is the link if you'd like to watch a free episode of Tobi (she shares lots of good up to date information!)


Also if you love Sarah Richardson (I miss her on hgtv, her show was the only one I ever use to watch when my little guy was a baby, her show always came on during his nap time *ahhh...naptime...sigh, i miss those days*). I've also enjoyed listening to "reader questions" her via website. She always answers questions so perfectly...you might want to check it out. And seriously Tommy is still her sidekick. Tommy rocks! 



And because I love sharing "good" finds with y'all, I found this table (it also comes in black) on Home Decorators Collection last week. I was so excited when I stumbled upon it (it's even on sale and comes with free shipping!) I've been looking for something similar for months! And nothing makes me happier than furniture that pulls double duty! Not only does this piece function as a filing cabinet, it also would work great for a media console (you'd have to run the tv cords down the legs), or as a sofa table behind a floating sofa, or as I'm using it in my house as a buffet/serving piece in the dining room. The possibilities are really endless! The deep drawers are great for storing anything (they don't necessarily have to be used as a filing drawers) and best of all you can even add baskets on the bottom shelf to hide even more stuff! It is a bit of a bear to put together (definitely takes two people). But the thing is HEAVY and substantial for a budget price!

Harwick 3-Drawer File Console

I also have to say I've been thrilled with Home Decorators customer service as well- they are based in the midwest (Missouri) too which is awesome! I purchased this table shortly before it went on the "outlet" pricing sale and they credited me back the difference in price just by calling them and letting them know the situation. They also offer free shipping almost always or you can order many of their items through Home Depot's website and get free site-to-store shipping if you want to save a little there too! Not to mention all of their pieces are substantial and so reasonably priced! I will definitely be doing more business with them in the future! Love a company with good customer service...it's so HARD to come by these days!


Up next, are these darling latte bowls that are on sale at Anthropologie through today. They have great reviews and seriously are they not just the cutest and most cheerful bowls you've ever seen. I'm putting these on my "wish list" for my birthday.


Ballard Designs is also offering 20% any item through tonight.

Here are some of my favorite items:

Herringbone Jute rug:

Herringbone Jute...

Laurent 4 light lantern:

Laurent 4 Light Hanging Lantern

Lulu embroidered pillow:

Lulu Embroidered Pillow

Vert Botanical Art:

Vert Botanique Framed Art

Of course there are tons of other great items, definitely take advantage of their sale if you have your eye on something!


And lastly- HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my mother-in-law (and #1 blog reader), Sherri!

Hope you all have a wonderful day! :)

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