Monday, March 17, 2014

{stairway landing makeover}

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Hope y'all are enjoying your morning. I recently did a little updating to the landing in our basement stairwell, so I thought I'd share it with you guys! The whole project didn't cost me a dime.....I used leftover paint from our dining room and a can of black spray paint that was sitting in the basement to transform this little niche. Never under-estimate the power of paint!

 This landing space doubles as our "coat storage/shoe catch-all/bag drop-off/everything-lands-here-type-space". When the previous owners remodeled the kitchen they used the original coat closet square footage as a built in for a refrigerator (which was really smart!) but unfortunately we now lack any "real" coat closet space! The previous owners installed these hooks in the stairwell landing. Which functionally worked fine, they just screamed "UGLY!" especially paired with the faux wood paneling. I couldn't handle it. So one day I just decided to start painting over the stuff.

Here are the before photos:

Ideally, I would have pulled the paneling off, but I was afraid of what might be behind it...sometimes people hide banged up walls behind paneling. So I figured it'd be easier to just paint over the ugly stuff and deal with it. I primed the walls with little kiltz primer, then layered on some Sherwin Williams, Pearly White paint. It instantly lightened up the space! Since I had all coat hooks removed already- I just gave them a quick coat of matte black spray paint. 

I dug out an old wire shelf from our basement. It's seen it's better days. I would love to get one of those ikea shoe storage things or maybe a small bench, but for now this stand works. I just added some baskets to corral shoes & winter gloves and hats. I also hung our funny cow head here. I think it's just quirky and funny...Mr. Cattlebuyer's office is down in the basement so it's kind of appropriate here at the top of the stairs.
 I love seeing people's reaction when they see it! (For the record, Sally Wheat had a cow head hanging in her if she can have one hanging- I can too!)

And just for good measure...a quick side-by-side.

I must say, I'm SOOO happy with this space now. It really functions so much better than before and it really lightens up what once was a dark, dated eyesore.  


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