Tuesday, March 4, 2014

{sidelight windows}

One of the main things that sold me on buying our new house was it's vast array of windows. I absolutely love natural light...actually I could go so far as to say, I NEED natural light to survive daily. I've lived in a few homes/apartments throughout my lifetime that have had small and/or very high placed windows and let me just say....I was miserable! It wasn't even a question for me....I knew when we were house shopping I needed a home that had ample windows everywhere, and luckily we found one that fit the bill!

We actually have so many windows in our house now we really only use our overhead lights in the early, early morning or late evenings. The overhead lights just aren't necessary at all during the day.

With that being said....as much as I enjoy natural light, I also need privacy. Nothing gives me the heebie jeebs more than feeling like I live in a fishbowl at night.

I've been thinking a lot about sidelight windows in particular. We have two sets of doors both with sidelight windows. Our sun porch door is already decked out with drapery panels, similar to the setup in this photo:

More hanging curtains by the front door//only if curtains could be hung without obstructing windows when opened

It works great to pull the draperies in the evening. But now I'm thinking about our front foyer door (which has a similar window/door design, except the door is solid wood-no windows) and what I'd like to do there...it seems draperies might be the best way to go. I love how these causal burlap looking draperies filter the light, but don't block it completely. Linen draperies would also be fabulous for filtering light.

Love the drapes at the entry!  We have all glass across the front that doesn't lend itself for night time privacy!  What an elegant solution!!!!  Open in day = closed at Night!!!!!

The same window/door treatment would work wonderful if you have a glass front door. I really prefer the look of a metal rod taken the entire length of the foyer if possible.

love the combination of metal and reclaimed wood. Fabulous Rug! (brilliant idea of curtains for privacy if you have a glass front door)

My alternative solution would be to do something similar to the photo below. Using just a short rod + ring with a sheer panel just on the lower portion (3 out of the 5 side windows). I like that this option allows in plenty of sunlight...but still gives you some privacy. However, if one is over 6' you would still easily be able to see in which is a bit of a privacy concern...

Beautiful Entryway/Foyer, wood and white, love the cafe curtains on the front doors...

I'm thinking I'll just sit on these two ideas for a while before I pull the trigger.
Do you have a preference between the two?

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