Thursday, March 6, 2014

{fireplace fillers}

Happy Thursday!

We are enjoying another quiet day inside (darn snow...). Really wishing we could start up a cozy fire today, despite the fact we are on the verge of Spring. We have two fireplaces in our new/old house. One on the main level and one in the basement. The upstairs is hooked up to gas (capped off), and the basement is log. We are still deciding on weather or not we will get set of gas logs to put upstairs or what we will do exactly (I don't think we will ever actually use the basement fireplace...but the upstairs fireplace would be nice to have at some point.) In the meanwhile we have a pretty, yet empty firebox that has been driving me nuts. For the first few months we lived here, it sat empty. I just wasn't sure what to do with it. Then one day I realized I had a large rectangle willow basket that fit pretty much perfectly in the firebox. 

Here is a really close up shot of our fireplace (randomly found this on my camera) but it gives you a general idea.

For now it works...but I'm still open to finding a better solution and/or better basket.

Here are some of my other inspiration ideas for non-working fireplace fillers:

Baskets filled with cut logs for the winter months.

eclectic cottage living room. Obsessing over every detail.
tracery interiors

Another alternative is the fern in the fireplace. Love how this adds a touch of green to the fireplace vignette.

Beneath My Heart Blog

Then there is always the simple romantic look of tiered off-white candles. Always very pretty.

Simple Thoughts/Paige Knudsen Photography Blog

Or you could fill a firebox with an object of some variety:

Wooden Rocking Horse

Dear Lillie Blog

Or a large piece of pottery, or tall ginger jar:

Rooms to Inspire in the Country: The Infinite Possibilities of American House Design by Annie Kelly

Or a collection of stacked books for a more eclectic look:

Or use the firebox as a frame of sorts for a leaning mirror:

Or leaning art:

Art in Fireplace

Or the more rustic stacked wood display: 

In my opinion, all of these out-of-the-box ideas are an great improvement over an empty firebox or boring black metal standing screen. 

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