Wednesday, March 12, 2014

{fence dreamin'}

Happy Wednesday! 

As the weather warms up I've got fence plans on the brain. I don't know why this is still in on-going issue for me. When we purchased our house having a "fenced in backyard" was never even something I considered. Not a priority. We have no animals to speak of. I never even considered the fact that fences are nice for things other than toddler-children and privacy. Now that we are mostly settled, I'm realized this fence thing is not leaving me. I need a fence of some degree. 

I need to keep my rover-boy in (he loves running around the entire house) then I have heart palpitations every time I hear a car drive by and he is not in my eyesight (I wish I could keep an eye on him at all times, but unfortunately that is just not possible. There are times I'd turn my head for one second and poof he is gone any momma can understand this feeling I'm sure)....maybe it's just my anxiety or whatever. But I can't take it any longer. It's a priority.

Of course being that our house is of the older 1940's species, most normal fences aren't going to look good. Nothing you can pick up at menards or home depot is going to cut it here. So homemade it is.

Here are some my inspiration, using a lattice style fence and then slowly adding vines. I love that this acts as a visual /physical barrer but yet doesn't block the entire view. Of course the downside is that it would be years before we'd have any real privacy to speak of...the vines would take a while to grow.


I do love the short fences.  Of course a little one could sneak through this easily, but it might deter him to a point.  I'm thinking when we get around to the fence project we will do some combination of full and half fence.

edged driveway

I really LOVE this idea, adding a gate in one or two places would be nice. I like how the bottom is completely private but the top allows a partial view.

Gate with |

This is probably my top contender right now.  It's simple. But pretty. Not too tall, not too short.  I think it would work well with our older home and it doesn't seem too elaborate as to take away from the home.

simple but full of little things that make this a great space - brick pavers, striped scalloped awning, box planters, decorative yet functional fence....

The alternative to a fence would be some sort of privacy type landscaping. I think we will eventually do this as well. Of course this will be years in the making like the vine idea above.

emerald cedar for privacy fence

Okay- do ya'll have a favorite? Do share if ya'll have a better idea. I'm open to suggestions.

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