Tuesday, February 18, 2014

{x bench}

Hey friends...I hope your weeks are off to a great start! I'm so glad I got a few bigger projects done around our house last month-- it really was the perfect "down" time to get things done.  Now I'm back to helping others which has been fun. I'm still working a little when I can at our place-- whenever something strikes my fancy I have to go after it.  

My latest find/project-to-be at our place:

This X-Bench:  I found it at Hancock Fabrics (I know very, very random???).  I found it marked down 90-something% which in my book means it was practically free.  I was only going to buy one....but when I found out the price I went back for the other matching one.  Now, let me just say these stools aren't necessarily 100% my style...they are ALL black (eek) and the alligator just isn't working for me. But the price was too good to pass up and I thought they had good bones-- so I bought them.

My plans are to make a simple slipcover to fit over the top to give it fresh look. I might end up painting the legs...but that seems a bit more daunting. So I'm going to try the slipcover first and see how it works out.
I'm thinking something really basic like the ones used in this room design below (obviously my fabric won't be quite that colorful!).


What do you guys think?

I really do love these little benches/stools. They are so versatile. I often use them in my room designs (you might notice them...). They really work great in nearly any room of the house.  I love using them paired up in front of a fireplace, tucked under console tables, beside accent chairs acting as a table of sorts, or pushing two together in the middle of a living room in lieu of a large ottoman. Two also look great at the end of a bed (like above), or just simply placing them under large windows, artwork, or mirrors to help visually "ground" floating pieces.  They work great in a multitude of different settings- and they always come in handy when you need a little extra seating.

I will keep y'all posted on how my slipcovers work out...it's definitely going to be a bit of an experiment. Now I just need to find some fabric...or maybe I should just go raid my overflowing fabric stash.

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