Wednesday, February 19, 2014

{TOMS on sale!}

I just happened to hop on Zulily this morning (which I haven't done in forever...because its sooo tempting to buy things) and TOMS are on sale again this year! I actually purchased a pair for my little guy last year at this exact same time from Zulily.  I've found out, TOMS only go on sale at Zulily about twice a year.  Last year was my first year purchasing a pair-- and let me just say we got our money out of them! They were my little one's favorite shoes of the year hands down.  And honestly-- I loved the easy-on, easy-off aspect.  We did the wrap closure ones last year in the brown canvas and while I liked them, they did feel a bit feminine for our rough-and-tumble 2 year old boy.  So this year I went with this style instead: 

I think they look a little more boyish. I love the green color, and while I'm not one for "camo" print typically...these actually seem really cute because the camo is just an accent. Last year I didn't even bother buying any summer sandals for my toddler because I've found sandals just don't stay on my little man's feet and I've found "boy" sandals just don't protect his feet well and/or the sandals are just plain hard to walk in.  The great thing about tiny TOMS are they protect the whole foot and they are secure and flexible enough that they are really easy to walk, run, and play in.  We even wore ours to the pool all last year because they were so much more practical and stay on so much better than flip flops and I was totally okay with them getting wet (the canvas dries quickly!). 

They do show wear fairly quickly...but I think that's half the reason why they are so comfortable.  They sort of form to your feet as you wear them.  I also have to say- zulily's shipping is rather slow...I think it took us almost 2 weeks to get our TOMS last year. But I'm still glad I ordered them.  I also wore my free pair (remember when I actually won something and I was so excited! haha!) all last summer.  Mine are the blue/green stitch-out style (they are also on sale under the women's category if you are interested!).  I plan on wearing them again this summer because they were so darn comfortable!

Okay and best of all (I know most of y'all know this story...) but in case anyone doesn't, TOMS donates a pair of shoes to children in need of shoes for every purchase you make, so it's really a win-win for everyone.  I like that!

So if y'all are on the fence, I hope I just convinced y'all to try them out this summer! :) If you need a Zulily invite comment with your email below and I'll email you a link.  For every person you invite to Zulily and a purchase is made you get $15 credit. 

Happy Zulily shoping! And don't forget to grab your shoe size quickly- they go really fast!


  1. Text me your email address and I'll forward you an invite!


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