Thursday, February 6, 2014

{silly kitchen stuff}

Happy Thursday Friends!

We have been a little "snowed" in lately.  Not that we couldn't get out...but we choose to stay in and get stuff done for the past 2.5 days.  I'm really on a roll with our house lately....Mr.Cattlebuyer is taking note.  He thinks I've lost my ever-loving mind and can't sit still for more than 10 minutes. I'm not sure if it's the weather (being trapped inside all the time, you look at the same four walls and start dreaming...thinking...designing... or at least I have been!).   It's dangerously fun for someone who is always thinking about other people's homes to finally think about my own is a real treat! :) 

Anyways- we ventured out today.... needed some fresh air and I needed some dishtowels and coffee creamer. the know.

First stop was local garden store (yea I know, they don't sell creamer or dish towels).  When you go to a garden store in the midwest in the middle of winter after a snow will be dead. like we pulled in and I seriously thought they were closed. Luckily they weren't.  I guarantee I was the only moron treaking through the snow drifts looking for a piece of pottery outside.  My utensil drawer will be forever thankful its not jammed full anymore.  I've been wanting to clean it out for weeks.  I'm not one for lots of un-useful stuff on my kitchen counters, but a fun colorful pot full of my most used utensils was a perfect fill for our empty corner.  I'd really love to fill it full of wooden spoons (so far my collection is only two deep...pathetic) The best part of all  is I got this pot for $20 bucks....guess it pays to be the only one pottery shopping in the dead of winter or the lady just felt really sorry for me out there freezin' my butt off diggin for the perfect pot. 

We also stopped by Dollar General...for those dish towels I needed.  I seem to always be out of towels lately, so I thought I'd get some cheap ones.  I'm not really a rainbow person...but these happy towels came home with me...only $1.50 each!!!

 I bought all they had at our local store.  I am going to gift some away...they were too cute and I totally think they would be a fun gift, throw in a fun mug and some chocolates.  Perfect little gift! And don't they remind you of kate spade?

In other news-- my dreamy victoria hagan fabric came in the mail.  It's even better than I imagined.  I bought it for my kitchen...but I draped it over our dining chairs (ignore the crazy dining table mess...It's been a catchall for my projects lately) and the colorway looked darn good in there too.  Now I'm totally wondering if I should have ordered more...because I want to use it in every room.  crazy fabric fanatic. 

That's all I got for today. But one last item of business- I have to give a "shout out" to my hilariously, awesome neighbor girl who uncovered the archives of my blog last weekend (Hey, Napa Girl!) We think you are the bees knees.  Feel free to come babysit this weekend. I will pay you in the form of 2 dozen peanut butter frosted brownie bites.


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