Monday, February 3, 2014

{pullin' the trigger}

Okay not literally. I'm kinda scared of guns in real life....remember my experience shooting a gun for the first time in Texas? Yikes! :)   

Anyways.  What I am pullin the tigger on is design decisions for my own house. I know the cobbler's kids have no shoes theory is SO me.  I need to start making decisions for our home. I was on roll this weekend. I finally decided to purchase some of my favorite fabric of all time. I've been dreaming about this fabric since I started blogging almost 4 years ago, which is a long time in my world.  I feel like in some instances there is good "look for less" options (believe me, I have quite a few of these examples in my house), but for me....I couldn't find anything that compared to my dream fabric which I talked about this fall.  

Victoria Hagan's, Four Seasons.  I found floral prints with similar colors, but not exact and definitely not the perfect mix of fruit/leaf/flower ratio like this fabric (yes, i'm weird and examine things like that).  What I really liked about this print was it feels feminine, but it wasn't too flower-y. But at $160/yd I couldn't afford that.  But much to my surprise....I found a retailer online that sells designer remnants and she was offering my DREAM fabric for a fraction of the normal retail price.  I've had fears for weeks she would sell out and my only shot at getting "my" fabric would be gone forever.  

So needless to say...I'm beyond excited to get my dream fabric! 

In other dreams....I also couldn't get these urn lamps out of my head.  I found them at Tuesday Mornings a few weeks ago, and figured they would have sold.  They were unlike anything I had ever seen before.  The scale/finish/style was perfect for our living room. I needed them. 

So we ventured back to Tuesday Mornings yesterday.  I really doubted they still had them available....but I was hopeful maybe they would have at least one (even though I prefer to buy lamps in pairs)...I would have taken one over none.   Fortunately, the pair were still sitting on the top shelf, just like they were weeks ago! A little dusty, but the lamp gods were smiling in my favor.  

They were all mine.  I was thrilled. 

I was even more happy when I started googling them after we got in the car.  (I tend to do this all the time with my purchases....just to verify I got a "good" deal in my own head).  I check it out and see what other people are selling "such n' such" for.  After a little diggin' I found the lamps on Wayfair.  

Fangio Lighting Table Lamp

They are made by Fangio Lighting ($$$) and retail for $190 a piece.  Let's just say I got BOTH of mine for way less than one normal price lamp. Purchase officially justified! 

This just goes to show you-- if you absolutely love something for your home.  You should buy it. Also don't be afraid to ask for a discount at already discounted stores.  One of my lamps had a slight imperfection on the back (hardly noticeable scuff) So I asked for a discount-- and she gave me an additional 20% off.  Sometimes it pays to ask. 

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