Wednesday, February 12, 2014

{antique shopping & instagram pictures}

Thought I'd just drop in and share some of my instagram phone pictures today.  I feel like they are a better description of my thoughts these days. Plus, who doesn't love pictures...I know I do.  When the weather is crappy, my favorite thing to do is browse local antique stores. It's my favorite past time/hobby/addiction.  I've been doing a lot of antique shopping these cold dreary days. 

This barrister bookcase was my absolute favorite find of the day.  If only I had an extra $600 laying around I would have bought it.  Mr.Cattlebuyer even loves it. 

This little parlor table was more in my budget.  I loved the feminine curved legs. 

Also was really eyeballing this aluminum cake cover/plate thing.  I loved the combination of the ruffled glass edges with the aluminum top.   

This framed botanical chart was fun.  Not sure I would use it in my own house...but I thought it'd be perfectly cute in a country home.  Kansas Sunflower peeps...if you want this. call me. 

I also liked this little table. 

This lamp was so awesome.  I really probably should have just bought it....but the shade was in pretty bad shape (it had black duct tape type stuff on it...I was afraid I'd never be able to ever find a replacement shade! Such a shame.)  It would be so perfect in a masculine space: library or den.  Maybe even a boy's bedroom. loved it. 

This picture is horrid (sorry-- I take my three year old toddler child with me to all these stores and usually I'm juggling 3 or 4 things at once while attempting to document things I want to remember! haha!) Anyways- it was a sailboat painting in a pretty gold frame. 

This little green mccoy planter was so pretty...I could see this on my kitchen window growing  herbs.

Okay-  These brass antelope bookends were my favorite of all favorites (I suppose I have lots of favorites) they were heavy and amazing.  I will be dreaming of these for weeks...might have to go back for them. I found them online and they are going for anywhere from $40-100...these babies were only $29. Ugh. shoulda coulda woulda. 

(Mr. Cattlebuyer if you are reading...these would make a great gift for your valentine.... ;) )

Okay-- so since I couldn't leave an antique store totally empty handed. Here is what I took home with me:

This framed cross stitch piece. I thought it was so sweet and quite appropriate I found it so close to Valentine's day. It's a good reminder....

I also found this fun brass "pocket change" dish in an old grandpa's type of booth.  it was too cute to not get.  I gave $2 for it, not sure it's an "antique" as it has a "made in india" sticker on the back but it makes me smile none-the-less.

I also found this little ruffle beaded milk glass dish.  It's the perfect size for a bar of soap. Thought it was pretty.

a few other bits to share:

I finally decided on a palette for our master bedroom.  Here's what I have so far...the fabric has already been made into pillows and I framed and matted my bird prints. 

Also here's a sneak peek of my new beige kitchen walls.  I love them.

I've also been helping a local friend with her basement remodel.  I love sketching with pencil.erase. tweak.draw.erase.tweak.draw.  It's good for the designer soul.

More pictures coming soon! Stay Tuned... 

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