Friday, February 28, 2014

{friday randoms}

Happy Friday Friends! 

And the last day of more month closer to summer. Hooray!

I thought today I'd just round up my random thoughts....y'all know I do random well.

Well after I posted my little man's bedding the other day, I remembered an old post I did on quilting and now I think I've found my next project...remember this quilt below? Okay I have to admit I forgot about it....but now I'm obsessing over it again.

via craftyblossom on etsy

Yep, it'd be absolutely perfect paired with the dotted chenille bedspread (which came in the mail yesterday and it's even more awesome in real life than in photos).  I'm thinking using a similar gray-white checks with a fun orange binding.  What do y'all think?

I really love it and now I'm re-thinking his bedding all over again...told you I was fickle when it comes to my own home. 


About a year ago today was our trip down to Mississippi and Louisiana.  I'm still wishing we had a few more days to spend down there last was such a fun trip!

West Side Pier on Gulf of Mexico, Gulfport, Mississippi

I think I spent about half the trip oohhing-ahhing over the southern homes and their architectural features. The trip made me realize we are totally missing the mark here in the midwest...too much builder grade boring going on here! I really appreciate the southerners attention to detail when they design/build their homes (I know this is totally "generalized" statement....there were sadly plenty of signs of katrina damage visible and some degree of "builder grade" every where you travel still and there are lots of nice architectural homes in the midwest.) But you can't deny the architecture in the south is totally breathtaking!

(Yes, I peruse southern Mississippi and Louisiana beach front real estate listings...just for fun when I'm bored. I am a dreamer...what can I say.)

both images from :) 


I think I'm going to purchase a few more ferns this weekend. I have successfully kept the one I purchased from home depot alive last summer (it's a miracle!) now I think I'm going to add a few more to my plant collection (baby steps...) I'm loving these images below of the ferns in the urns (haha... that rhymes).

tailored skirted table - love the greek trim with simple pleat corners

rue 27 maison


I LOVE Albert Hadley quotes....that man knows what's up! :)

Hope y'all have a great weekend!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

{design board: casual family room}

Just dropping in to share with you one of my most recent design boards. This space was especially fun to work on! I absolutely love the juxtaposition of the sleek Lucite coffee table & contemporary Amanda Talley art paired with the more traditional end tables (isn't the yellow so fun?!) and fabrics. This might be my favorite design board ever (i know I think I say that every time I complete a project.... :)). I really love design boards that blend multiple styles together to create a look that's completely one-of-a-kind!

If y'all are interested in my design services please contact me at

I'd be honored to work with you to help you achieve your interior design goals!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

{boy bed linens}

Lately I've been thinking a lot about my little guy's room.  It sadly has been on the back burner since we moved in! I really thought it would be one of the first room's I tackled and completed because I really love working on little kid spaces. But once we moved in I realized how little my nugget actually uses his room, besides sleeping, it doesn't get much use since it's upstairs- he rarely goes up by himself to play or read, usually he just brings his toys down to the living room and hangs out there.

Thus, I haven't made it a #1 priority to get it "done" but I decided I'm going to slowly start working on it. We bought his antique spool style bed last fall, and it has worked out great! I'm so glad we went with a full size bed. I originally wanted two twin size beds, but the full size has been a great transition. I debated painting it when we first purchased it...but for now it still remains in it's dark stain. It has grown on me, and I think if I paint anything it will be the other pieces in his room. 

Lately he has been using a hand-me-down comforter and these dinosaur sheets. Which has worked out okay...but I'd like to get him some additional bedding. 

Circo® Roar n Stomp Sheet Set

Then I stumbled upon this chenille polka dot bed spread (sorry all they had for a stock photo was the sham which I didn't purchase....but imagine this pillow only in the form a bedspread).  I thought it was so fun and different! It looked like a vintage chenille blanket only without the cooties of buying an old blanket (we are kind of germaphobes around here...) :)

I thought the polka dots might be too "feminine" and cutesy for a little boy but it totally reminded me so much of Erika's bedding from these photos she took below. To me, the space/bedding doesn't feel feminine at all. I love how she mixed the textured polka dots with a deep rich java wall color, the unexpected orange bed (my little guy's favorite color!) and warm antique paintings. It all works together so well! The chenille bedspread adds so much texture to the space....I really love it.  I think my little guy will too. I figure by the time he outgrows the "dots" I will find another use for it.  


I'm thinking I will mix the chenille bedspread with a unexpected buffalo check duvet at the foot of the bed. Leaning towards the affordable ikea emmie ruta. 

And then maybe throw in some fun orange or green pillows for an accent colors:

Crewel Geo Decorative Sham

Moving Sham (Orange)

maybe a boyish monogram pillow too, just to make momma happy! :) 

Anyways for now (things might change knowing how fickle I am...) this is the plan! I hope to get his bedroom painted this spring and then I will start posting photos!

Monday, February 24, 2014

{weekend finds and ramblings}

Happy Monday Morning! 

Hope y'all enjoyed your weekend. We were busy runnin' to the big city (as we call it 'round here) for a lunch with my family and then we ran some quick errands. 

I have always been a HUGE Tj Maxx fan, but our only store is always soooo picked over in the home decor/furniture department (my favorite section!) and the store is always SO horribly busy on the weekends (this is when I usually get to go...) It's such a bummer....and it's safe to say I'M OVER IT. Luckily we are getting a HomeGoods and a Marshalls in a few months which we so desperately need in our neighboring city. I'm really hopeful their selection/stock will be much better than our little tj maxx.  But for now, Tuesday Morning is so my jam! 

I know, Tuesday Mornings, appears to be a total JUNK store and the location for our city is semi-ghetto-ish which makes it appear even worse than it's boring marketing and 90's signage. But, I am a total convert (for the time-being....until our HomeGoods opens! And even then I might still be a fan...) Their selection of home goods, bedding, rugs, and decor is actually pretty impressive.  Mr. Cattlebuyer gave me a time limit to run in this weekend, so I ran in really quick. 

I found these curtain rings/clips for a steal. They had packs of 14 for $4.99! If y'all have ever priced out curtain rings that's really affordable! Usually you pay anywhere for $7-$15 for the same or similar small metal rings for a pack of 7. So take that times two and most windows will cost you an additional $14-$30 at a minimum for the rings in addition to your rods and panels. I figure if you have to save somewhere- save on your clips, these ones are so generic and basic you really can't tell a difference. I personally love the look of curtain rings. They allow your rod to have more of a presence in the space and the rings allow your panels to open-close so much more smoothly. They also allow you some additional length so you can hang your rods a little higher adding height to the space. You pretty much can't go wrong with them.

I added these rings (ditch the clips!) to our living room curtains.  They made such an improvement! In case anyone is in the market for curtain clips-- here is what the packages looked like, you should pick some up to keep on hand!

I also found this great faux sisal feizy rug for my back hallway for a steal! Our back hallway gets the majority of our foot traffic so I needed something super durable (something I could hose off in the summer!). This rug is actually a indoor/outdoor polypropylene so it should hold up well.  And as for the "look" and feel of's not the softest rug in the whole world, but it looks actually really good for being a 'faux'. I think I'm actually going to look for something similar for under our dining table and for our sun porch because I'm so impressed by this one.  

It appears to be very similar to these one's below from overstock. 

I can't believe it but Tuesday Morning also had a selection of Bordallo Pinheiro plates and dishware.  Not the exact ones I wanted so I didn't pull the trigger, but still...I was kind of impressed. They had a variety of cabbage leaf chop plates (very fitting for Easter!)  I think they were around $6 a piece for the smaller ones and $8 or $9 for the larger ones.  Exactly like these ones below:

I'm kind of having non-buyers remorse for not buying them.  I really liked the white ones.  I should have picked them up...I see people are selling them on ebay for 3 or 4x what they were going for at Tuesday Morning.  


I also quickly ran into Hobby Lobby which I also loathe on Saturdays.  But I found this amazing greek key trim (it comes in various colors...but you know I love me some green).  I think it was right around $7/yd which is a steal. I could see this used on pillows, draperies, or as an accent on skirts for beds, tables, or furniture. You could also use it as an accent trim on a lamp shade. 

In case you needs some inspiration photos: 

aqua linen pillow with attached greek key trim

ple realize, "If a client has an expensive fabric they love, I sometimes buy just enough to do a two- to four-inch-wide border," designer Ann Wolf says. "You'll get

cover bamboo shade with fabric + trim. Bob likes the Roman shades in the RV. I think they're ugly! This could be the compromise, if done in really pretty fabric! (Or I bet I could find lovely sheets at the thrift store, and do them on the cheap. yeah....)

VT Interiors - Library of Inspirational Images: Go For Green

Blue and white garden seat... And tone on tone Greek key trim tape at skirt hem...


Hope y'all enjoyed some of my weekend finds.
 I'll be back soon! 

Friday, February 21, 2014

{something to think about...}


Henry David Thoreau 

Hope y'all have a great weekend! 

Thursday, February 20, 2014

{spring dreamin'}

I don't know about y'all, but I for one am totally in spring mode around here despite what the weather is doing outside today.  We even picked up some of our flower seeds yesterday....we are going to try to start some flowers by seed this year (it may not end well....) but we have the perfect  sun porch for them to start growing in and I think it'll be a fun project for my little guy and I. I figure if it ends bad I'm not out much, and if they grow it will all be worth it. I'm hopeful. 

We selected a couple varieties of Zinneas. Oh man, what I wouldn't give to see some bright colors in my backyard right now....


I think I've also found "my" dishes. I've been wanting a set of nice dishes to put in our hutch since we moved in.  We never did register for any nice china when we were married because I knew it would be years before we ever used them (which is true...). At the time it just didn't seem practical and looking back I'm really glad we didn't just settle on a set then.  I really think I found the "perfect" set for me.  Of course, I love that with this particular "leaf" style I think I could get away with using them almost year round spring-fall.

These are on my radar:

Bordallo Pinheiro Plates, of course they are vintage and rather hard to come by (ugh...leave it to me to fall in love with expensive and rare items...) One plate is roughly going for $50, so honestly, it might take my entire lifetime to get a whole setting, but for now I can't get them out of my head.

I think they would mix so well with blue and white dishware.

These rope plates are equally as fabulous....should I ever come across them, I would need them as well.


Of course-- what is spring without Kayce Hughes....her bright cheerful colors and prints make me want to own her entire women's collection!

I love these green gingham numbers in particular:

willa ruffle dress

3/4 sleeve evy top


And since we are on the subject of green, how cute is this flying duck print?! It so kitchy and cute for a kitchen.  Fun, unique kitchen art is hard to find! I really think I need this for my kitchen and I just happen to have the perfect gold frame for it.

Flying Ducks

Flying Ducks

I also really like this funky fun, eye chart print. I'm still trying to figure out where this would go in our home--surely I could find a spot.

Both prints are from The Calm Gallery in case you are interested.

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

{TOMS on sale!}

I just happened to hop on Zulily this morning (which I haven't done in forever...because its sooo tempting to buy things) and TOMS are on sale again this year! I actually purchased a pair for my little guy last year at this exact same time from Zulily.  I've found out, TOMS only go on sale at Zulily about twice a year.  Last year was my first year purchasing a pair-- and let me just say we got our money out of them! They were my little one's favorite shoes of the year hands down.  And honestly-- I loved the easy-on, easy-off aspect.  We did the wrap closure ones last year in the brown canvas and while I liked them, they did feel a bit feminine for our rough-and-tumble 2 year old boy.  So this year I went with this style instead: 

I think they look a little more boyish. I love the green color, and while I'm not one for "camo" print typically...these actually seem really cute because the camo is just an accent. Last year I didn't even bother buying any summer sandals for my toddler because I've found sandals just don't stay on my little man's feet and I've found "boy" sandals just don't protect his feet well and/or the sandals are just plain hard to walk in.  The great thing about tiny TOMS are they protect the whole foot and they are secure and flexible enough that they are really easy to walk, run, and play in.  We even wore ours to the pool all last year because they were so much more practical and stay on so much better than flip flops and I was totally okay with them getting wet (the canvas dries quickly!). 

They do show wear fairly quickly...but I think that's half the reason why they are so comfortable.  They sort of form to your feet as you wear them.  I also have to say- zulily's shipping is rather slow...I think it took us almost 2 weeks to get our TOMS last year. But I'm still glad I ordered them.  I also wore my free pair (remember when I actually won something and I was so excited! haha!) all last summer.  Mine are the blue/green stitch-out style (they are also on sale under the women's category if you are interested!).  I plan on wearing them again this summer because they were so darn comfortable!

Okay and best of all (I know most of y'all know this story...) but in case anyone doesn't, TOMS donates a pair of shoes to children in need of shoes for every purchase you make, so it's really a win-win for everyone.  I like that!

So if y'all are on the fence, I hope I just convinced y'all to try them out this summer! :) If you need a Zulily invite comment with your email below and I'll email you a link.  For every person you invite to Zulily and a purchase is made you get $15 credit. 

Happy Zulily shoping! And don't forget to grab your shoe size quickly- they go really fast!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

{x bench}

Hey friends...I hope your weeks are off to a great start! I'm so glad I got a few bigger projects done around our house last month-- it really was the perfect "down" time to get things done.  Now I'm back to helping others which has been fun. I'm still working a little when I can at our place-- whenever something strikes my fancy I have to go after it.  

My latest find/project-to-be at our place:

This X-Bench:  I found it at Hancock Fabrics (I know very, very random???).  I found it marked down 90-something% which in my book means it was practically free.  I was only going to buy one....but when I found out the price I went back for the other matching one.  Now, let me just say these stools aren't necessarily 100% my style...they are ALL black (eek) and the alligator just isn't working for me. But the price was too good to pass up and I thought they had good bones-- so I bought them.

My plans are to make a simple slipcover to fit over the top to give it fresh look. I might end up painting the legs...but that seems a bit more daunting. So I'm going to try the slipcover first and see how it works out.
I'm thinking something really basic like the ones used in this room design below (obviously my fabric won't be quite that colorful!).

What do you guys think?

I really do love these little benches/stools. They are so versatile. I often use them in my room designs (you might notice them...). They really work great in nearly any room of the house.  I love using them paired up in front of a fireplace, tucked under console tables, beside accent chairs acting as a table of sorts, or pushing two together in the middle of a living room in lieu of a large ottoman. Two also look great at the end of a bed (like above), or just simply placing them under large windows, artwork, or mirrors to help visually "ground" floating pieces.  They work great in a multitude of different settings- and they always come in handy when you need a little extra seating.

I will keep y'all posted on how my slipcovers work's definitely going to be a bit of an experiment. Now I just need to find some fabric...or maybe I should just go raid my overflowing fabric stash.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

{antique shopping & instagram pictures}

Thought I'd just drop in and share some of my instagram phone pictures today.  I feel like they are a better description of my thoughts these days. Plus, who doesn't love pictures...I know I do.  When the weather is crappy, my favorite thing to do is browse local antique stores. It's my favorite past time/hobby/addiction.  I've been doing a lot of antique shopping these cold dreary days. 

This barrister bookcase was my absolute favorite find of the day.  If only I had an extra $600 laying around I would have bought it.  Mr.Cattlebuyer even loves it. 

This little parlor table was more in my budget.  I loved the feminine curved legs. 

Also was really eyeballing this aluminum cake cover/plate thing.  I loved the combination of the ruffled glass edges with the aluminum top.   

This framed botanical chart was fun.  Not sure I would use it in my own house...but I thought it'd be perfectly cute in a country home.  Kansas Sunflower peeps...if you want this. call me. 

I also liked this little table. 

This lamp was so awesome.  I really probably should have just bought it....but the shade was in pretty bad shape (it had black duct tape type stuff on it...I was afraid I'd never be able to ever find a replacement shade! Such a shame.)  It would be so perfect in a masculine space: library or den.  Maybe even a boy's bedroom. loved it. 

This picture is horrid (sorry-- I take my three year old toddler child with me to all these stores and usually I'm juggling 3 or 4 things at once while attempting to document things I want to remember! haha!) Anyways- it was a sailboat painting in a pretty gold frame. 

This little green mccoy planter was so pretty...I could see this on my kitchen window growing  herbs.

Okay-  These brass antelope bookends were my favorite of all favorites (I suppose I have lots of favorites) they were heavy and amazing.  I will be dreaming of these for weeks...might have to go back for them. I found them online and they are going for anywhere from $40-100...these babies were only $29. Ugh. shoulda coulda woulda. 

(Mr. Cattlebuyer if you are reading...these would make a great gift for your valentine.... ;) )

Okay-- so since I couldn't leave an antique store totally empty handed. Here is what I took home with me:

This framed cross stitch piece. I thought it was so sweet and quite appropriate I found it so close to Valentine's day. It's a good reminder....

I also found this fun brass "pocket change" dish in an old grandpa's type of booth.  it was too cute to not get.  I gave $2 for it, not sure it's an "antique" as it has a "made in india" sticker on the back but it makes me smile none-the-less.

I also found this little ruffle beaded milk glass dish.  It's the perfect size for a bar of soap. Thought it was pretty.

a few other bits to share:

I finally decided on a palette for our master bedroom.  Here's what I have so far...the fabric has already been made into pillows and I framed and matted my bird prints. 

Also here's a sneak peek of my new beige kitchen walls.  I love them.

I've also been helping a local friend with her basement remodel.  I love sketching with pencil.erase. tweak.draw.erase.tweak.draw.  It's good for the designer soul.

More pictures coming soon! Stay Tuned... 

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