Wednesday, January 15, 2014


I have to share with you a little secret....

I went shopping.  Like real. shopping. sans toddler-child.

It was amazing.

Granted it was only for about an hour but still...glorious. I had some spare time yesterday (Thanks mom!) to go hit up hancock fabrics, I desperately needed to pick up some fabric for our dining room chair slipcovers I am having made soon. I was hoping I could just pick some up in person because it makes me a little nervous to order fabric without getting to see/feel it online.  But much to my dismay the fabric I needed they didn't have enough on the bolt. So off to the world wide web I will go.

But meanwhile...I browsed.  Oh man did I find some goodies not only at Hancock but also across the street at an unlikely place....

Anyways at Hancock I was on a mission for some Herringbone print for my living room pillows (I'm on a herringbone print kick if you can't tell...please oh please friends let's not use and abuse this print like the chevrons and damask prints of days gone by). I wanted neutral or semi-neutral, but first I found this:

Orange and Army Green/Brown Herringbone.  Oh man, if only I was an orange person I would have swooped this stuff up by the handful! It was so Hermes it was tempting me. I really wanted to get it 'just to have on hand' but I resisted.  It was only $5/yd on the discounted fabric table.


Then I stumbled on something absolutely perfect for my living room.  I found this print and fell even more in love.  I did a happy dance as it was only $3.95/yd.  I love Hancock fabrics. 

I also found this remnant...I picked up for like $2.  Its just the cutest dainty neutral stripe.  I think it will make a fun accent pillow for our bedroom.   

That's when I went over to the forgotten Tuesday Mornings 'just to check it out'.  I did a quick pass through when I found the rug section.  My oh my, if you are shopping for rugs Tuesday mornings has some awesome prices on pretty rugs.  I mostly looked at neutrals (for my dining room) So pardon the neutral rug overload, but as you can see, there were so many good ones! I will be back Tuesday Mornings! 


Natural fiber

Seagrass, I really wanted this for my kitchen, but the binding was freaking me was like a panty hose material (I debating buying and then cutting the ugly panty hose binding off but I wasn't brave enough).

Herringbone AGAIN....this looks so similar to West Elm's Chenille Herringbone rug for 1/4th the price.  Awesome! 

This one was the most tempting for my dining had such a great texture! Loved it. 

Then I looked up and saw this big ol' urn (middle) lamp that was taunting me.  Good thing it was up on the top shelf or I probably would have made friends with it.

All in all. Tuesday Mornings was a win in my book.  I will be back and you should too (just don't go to my location ;) ) Honestly, great prices...and yes you have to dig through some ugly stuff to find the goodies, but the good outweighs the bad. 

I also couldn't resist the red bullseye store.  The red clearance tags just lure me in. I'm such a sucker.  I've been watching the preserved Smith and Hawkins boxwood wreaths like a stalker.  Gradually they have been marked down, but when I saw this price I couldn't resist any longer.  Now I have another boxwood wreath for my ever growing collection...just what I needed! ;) This guy must have been part of the winter collection, because they had some in the spring isle that were exactly like this guy but not on clearance.  

Anyways i figured what I saved on my fabric i came out about even after buying the boxwood wreath i so desperately did not need(ed).

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