Tuesday, January 28, 2014

{Top 5 design elements for 2014}

Happy Tuesday Friends! 

I'm back to share with y'all some of my favorite elements I foresee the interior design industry using plenty of this year.  I know I'm a few weeks late...but honestly I've been thinking about this post for weeks, I just wanted to gather my thoughts thoroughly before posting.

For the record....these are just my thoughts, not necessarily everyone will agree with me on these.  I'm also finding that these are all very classic elements, that have come back around.  I'm not sure when a classic element becomes a trendy element, but at some point things do come and go. I know everything goes in 10 year cycles...so maybe I will look back and be wrong but this is what I predict to be seen in the interior design industry in 2014.

1. Painted Cabinetry/Built-ins

And I'm not talking about white.  While white/off-white cabinetry is still happening everywhere. White is always classic.  But what I'm talking about is other neutrals...gray, beige, or a combination of greige. Particularly in kitchen design.  The greige/gray/beige cabinets are here to stay...and for all kitchen design styles from country to contemporary.  

cabinetry, tile wall, granite backsplash, hood

cabinet color/floor/light fixtures

desire to inspire - desiretoinspire.net - Disc Interiors

white walls, windows, greige cabinets, gorgeous floor

Blueprint Bliss

And as for the built-ins/ect. those are going any shade of the painted rainbow...but usually soft muted colors or deep rich colors- nothing too in your face.

Pretty green cupboards/leading into the kitchen next to living room entrance

mudroom cubbies



2. Vintage furniture

I'm not talking about repurposed/painted vintage.  Is anyone else sick of walking into antique stores and seeing all these wonderful antiques painted bright turquoise, canary yellow, or some horrible "distressed" look.  Let's put down the spray paint & paint brushes, and just let vintage/antiques be themselves (unless they are in really bad shape, then I agree....do what you can to make them look better for your space....) but for the most part, let antiques, be antiques.  Natural distressing is beautiful. Natural wood stains are beautiful.  History is beautiful.  And I foresee real antiques (not chalkpaint/spray paint/whatever paint) making their comeback (not that antiques were ever "out of style" ) but I see people using these vintage/antique pieces in a fresh way in their designs, gone are the days were antiques are only meant for country primitive decor. Antique pieces give interiors a one-of-a-kind look.  Not something that can be easily/if ever recreated by anyone else. People like unique.

James Radin - interior design

Bedroom -- the color of the dresser is really speaking to me today


Home Office Ideas - How to Decorate a Home Office - Country Living

3. Mixed Metals

I know--this has been around for a while. But let's keep rollin' with it.  Mixed metals in interiors give rooms warmth and character.  It makes the room feel collected & unique.  I practice this as much as possible with my design clients.  There are no one metal finish per room rules anymore.  Mixing brushed nickle, chrome, brass, bronze, gold, copper gives rooms dimension and layers. I try to personally stick to 2 maybe 3 metal finishes per room.  By no means do you need/should use all of them. But let's keep the 2-3 mixed metal look going in 2014.

Kitchen, House Beautiful, Bill Ingram, Campaign hardware, Rustic chic, wood, mixing metals

Kitchen With Industrial Pendant Lights. The finish on these industrial pendant lamps makes them stand out.

Big, industrial hinges traditional kitchen by Rebekah Zaveloff | KitchenLab

beautiful mix of metals in a kitchen by erika powell

4. As for pattern of the year.... I'm going with herringbone. 

I'm obsessed with it, I just hope it doesn't get over done like the chevrons/quadrefoil/damask of years past. Herringbone patterning has been around forever, but it feels like a fresh look for 2014.

Used as flooring, tile work, fabric...you name it, anything looks good in a herringbone pattern. 

Herringbone floors.

Design Trends: Herringbone Tile


5. Color of the year...white.  i know it was never not used ever.... but it seems beige and even gray walls are feeling a little "overdone" in the industry.  But fresh white feels new again-- especially with all of the above mentioned elements.  

White walls with off white and black - gives a vintage feel whilst still being bold.

dark headboard and white walls  I do love this contrast. could be another option if we decide not to do a grey head board, we can incorporate navy into this space that way

Basement-Cognac leather and white walls

So what do you think? Are you using any of the above in your home this year?

Monday, January 27, 2014

{mirror,mirror: before & after}

I did a quick and easy before and after makeover this weekend it was so easy I just had to share with y'all! 

I've had a pair of these round mirrors for years now and honestly, I was getting a little "tired" of them. I purchased them on sale from hobby lobby...and while I don't mind the shape or style, the frame just wasn't doing anything for me anymore. 

I tried one above our headboard in our master bedroom and as much as I liked how the mirror reflected the natural light in our bedroom, the black was just reading SO flat.  

see...i didn't like it. 

So I picked up some Rub n' Buff last time I was at Michael's. I used a 40% off coupon so I think it was like a few dollars total.  So cheap! 

And then I started rubbing it on the frame.  Honestly, you can't screw this stuff up.  I was worried it wouldn't adhere well, because I didn't prime the frame at all...but I had no issues.  It went on smooth, I just used an old sock to apply it around the edge.  I think the worst thing you can do is actually apply too much, so take it easy and just use a light touch.  I'm so thrilled with how it transformed my otherwise boring black mirror into this gold beauty! It pops off my walls so much more, and the gold adds some dimension to the frame. 

It reminds me of Wisteria's round beaded mirror. But for a fraction of the cost.  

Round Beaded Mirror

Honestly, I'm hooked on this rub n' buff.  It is so much easier to use than gold spray paint and honestly the results are really impressive! Plus, you have so much more control with rub n' buff, so you can decide what you want to accent, where as with spray paint-- it just goes everywhere! Pick some up next time you are at Michael's, it's good stuff! 

Friday, January 24, 2014

{sherwin williams: pearly white}

I am just now putting my feet up after spending the whole afternoon painting my dining room! It's been on my to-do list for far too long and now that I have a slight break in my client design work, it felt like a good time to bite the bullet and get 'r done.  Plus, Mr.cattlebuyer had the day off so I begged him to help me! 

I went with a warm white, Pearly White, by Sherwin Williams.  The sample appeared greyish white, but I'm so glad I tried it out on my walls because it is my new most favorite white paint out there.  It's warm without being creme.  It's soft and bright during the day, but at night it really warms ups and feels cozy. It's all around great.

Here's the sample swatch photo: 

As it turns out...pearly white is a little famous.  It was used by Tracery Interiors in the majority of of the rooms in Southern Living Idea House 2012.  Which happens to be one of my most favorite houses of all time. Its perfect from floor to ceiling.  

Living Room

Living Room

Living Room

Dining Room

Khaki Gingham Bedroom

I know, I know....most people think white walls are boring (i used to think the same...). But I foresee white being the new "beige".  The white walls are coming back in a big way. 

See more tips from @Rachel  Ashwell: http://www.countryliving.com/homes/how-to-get-the-look/decorating-with-white-ashwell-advice#slide-2    #decorating #quotes #words

Can't wait to get the painters tape pulled off so I can share with you my dining room walls! Stay tuned! 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

{estate sale find: wooden beaded necklace}

Happy Tuesday Morning!

Hope your week is off to an awesome start.  I feel like I'm getting a late start to the week, we spent all of yesterday running errands and having a play date with my sister and her kiddos which was so much fun! But I'm feeling a little behind on my weekly schedule.  Hope to catch up today.  But while my little man is still sawing logs this morning (he must have gotten wore out from all that playing yesterday!) I thought I'd drop in and share with you one of my latest finds.  Last week I got the sudden urge to go to a local estate sale.  I haven't been to one since I was a kid (my mom used to let me come along as a child I remember going with her!).  But I decided I would venture out on my own...I was after a small accent table, but when I got to the estate sale (which was later in the morning...you know how it is with a toddler-child in tow...) I missed it.  So I decided I'd browse the home in search of some other treasures...and low and behold I found some goodies on the jewelry table.

This wooden necklace for $5 was my absolute favorite find of the day and then I grabbed this fun bracelet for $2 while I was feeling lucky.  

 I styled them via instagram (ha, I use the word styled loosely...I mean more like how I wore them...but styled sounds much fancier!)  for church on Sunday.  I wore a basic white collared button up shirt with my oversized grey sweater cardigan, brown campus boots, and skinny jeans.  It would be such an easy look to recreate.  

Anyways-- back to the wooden necklace...I've wanted one ever since I saw Kayce Hughes Wooden Necklace (for the record...I have a total girl crush on Kayce! She has such amazing vintage inspired style!).  I thought it was such a classic piece.  Something that can be worn with a million different outfits.  But her version of the necklace has been sold out for quite some time.  

women's necklace

women's necklace

women's necklace

Some of my favorite Interior Designers/Blogger's have worn Kayce's stylish necklace: 

The incredible, Lauren Liess, wore the necklace in her blog head shot photo for years...loved it then, and still love it now.

And Erika from Urban Grace Interiors wears Kayce's necklace too! Isn't her little Whitney adorable?! Cute baby, cute necklace! 

photo cred: @erikampowell on instagram

Anyways... I'm so super pumped to have my own version of Kayce's Necklace. I think it will be such a great layering piece to wear for years to come! And best of all when I'm not wearing it...wooden bead necklaces can make a perfect "accessory" for decorating a vignette.

Sherry from Design Indulgence, used one on her client's coffee table recently: 

images via: http://designindulgence.blogspot.com/

Whenever I see a necklace used as an design accessory/layering piece I always think of Nate Berkus...here is the cover of his book, Things that Matter.  Notice the necklace on the cover: 

Seriously.  Good stuff all around. 

Who knew one $5 wooden estate sale necklace could bring so much inspiration to a person?!  
Best $5 I have ever spent.  

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


I have to share with you a little secret....

I went shopping.  Like real. shopping. sans toddler-child.

It was amazing.

Granted it was only for about an hour but still...glorious. I had some spare time yesterday (Thanks mom!) to go hit up hancock fabrics, I desperately needed to pick up some fabric for our dining room chair slipcovers I am having made soon. I was hoping I could just pick some up in person because it makes me a little nervous to order fabric without getting to see/feel it online.  But much to my dismay the fabric I needed they didn't have enough on the bolt. So off to the world wide web I will go.

But meanwhile...I browsed.  Oh man did I find some goodies not only at Hancock but also across the street at an unlikely place....

Anyways at Hancock I was on a mission for some Herringbone print for my living room pillows (I'm on a herringbone print kick if you can't tell...please oh please friends let's not use and abuse this print like the chevrons and damask prints of days gone by). I wanted neutral or semi-neutral, but first I found this:

Orange and Army Green/Brown Herringbone.  Oh man, if only I was an orange person I would have swooped this stuff up by the handful! It was so Hermes it was tempting me. I really wanted to get it 'just to have on hand' but I resisted.  It was only $5/yd on the discounted fabric table.


Then I stumbled on something absolutely perfect for my living room.  I found this print and fell even more in love.  I did a happy dance as it was only $3.95/yd.  I love Hancock fabrics. 

I also found this remnant...I picked up for like $2.  Its just the cutest dainty neutral stripe.  I think it will make a fun accent pillow for our bedroom.   

That's when I went over to the forgotten Tuesday Mornings 'just to check it out'.  I did a quick pass through when I found the rug section.  My oh my, if you are shopping for rugs Tuesday mornings has some awesome prices on pretty rugs.  I mostly looked at neutrals (for my dining room) So pardon the neutral rug overload, but as you can see, there were so many good ones! I will be back Tuesday Mornings! 


Natural fiber

Seagrass, I really wanted this for my kitchen, but the binding was freaking me out...it was like a panty hose material (I debating buying and then cutting the ugly panty hose binding off but I wasn't brave enough).

Herringbone AGAIN....this looks so similar to West Elm's Chenille Herringbone rug for 1/4th the price.  Awesome! 

This one was the most tempting for my dining room...it had such a great texture! Loved it. 

Then I looked up and saw this big ol' urn (middle) lamp that was taunting me.  Good thing it was up on the top shelf or I probably would have made friends with it.

All in all. Tuesday Mornings was a win in my book.  I will be back and you should too (just don't go to my location ;) ) Honestly, great prices...and yes you have to dig through some ugly stuff to find the goodies, but the good outweighs the bad. 

I also couldn't resist the red bullseye store.  The red clearance tags just lure me in. I'm such a sucker.  I've been watching the preserved Smith and Hawkins boxwood wreaths like a stalker.  Gradually they have been marked down, but when I saw this price I couldn't resist any longer.  Now I have another boxwood wreath for my ever growing collection...just what I needed! ;) This guy must have been part of the winter collection, because they had some in the spring isle that were exactly like this guy but not on clearance.  

Anyways i figured what I saved on my fabric i came out about even after buying the boxwood wreath i so desperately did not need(ed).

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