Tuesday, December 10, 2013

{wish listin'}

Blogging, two days in a row...wowza you know the weather must be yucky around here for that to happen!

I scrounged up a short "wish list" for Mr. Cattlebuyer.  He loves when I give him indirect, but yet very direct lists including links and such so he can go-order-be done with his shopping.  I conveniently (inconveniently) always ask for things that are either vintage or not easily purchased in our rinky-dink midwestern state.  He did real good last year....I think I got 2 or 3 of my wish list items (he even set up an account with bauble bar just to order my fun earrings last year!) haha! He's a good egg. 

I will be honest...it was hard to come up with items this year either because I'm getting relatively old or because I feel like this year we have received so much (new (old) house!!! new (to us...) car!!!)...it's been a blessing filled year, I simply can't come up with any real need-it,want-it,have-to-have-it items.  There were a few items I would enjoy like I mentioned yesterday....a fence ($$$$) and a garage door opener/new garage door but those will both require some major labor and it's not exactly something one would put under the tree.   So for that sake of Christmas gift giving, these are few things I would smile to see wrapped up this year....and just warning you it's probably the most boring list of all Christmas lists made, ever. Just go with it. 

2. 50mm lens 

I'm also asking for a cookie scoop, plain white dish towels, and a soap dish but those were all so boring I couldn't bare to include them in the line-up.  :)

Okay, now that I feel like a total goon.  I'll type up my 3 yo's wish list next...its a little more exciting. 

Happy Shopping Y'all! 

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