Monday, December 30, 2013

{these are a few of my favorite things}

Just dropping in to share with you some of my favorite treats I received this Christmas!  My Mother in law got me my favorite blanket ever.  Its super soft and the herringbone patterning is so classic. I'm using this in combination with our white duvet on our bed and it's really a fresh look! Thanks Sherri! :) 

Target Threshold Organic Blanket

Hunter's boots

Mr. Cattlebuyer treated me to some new boots. I've wanted a pair of these for YEARS but I didn't have a real good reason for wanting a pair.  Well now that we purchased a home with a detached garage...I declared I needed appropriate boots when I go tromping out in the elements (I also got a pair of fleece socks to line the inside which make them so much warmer!).  I actually plan on wearing these babies year round but shhh...don't tell anyone.  Mr.C originally got me the hunter green color but I really wanted the Moss green and I'm so glad I switched. The moss green is so pretty and guess what....they are on sale on Zappos right now! Win-Win.

Vera Bradly hanging organizer

Mr. Cattlebuyer also got me this hanging organizer in clementine pattern.  I needed this so bad for travel.  I has already came in so handy and the patterning is so cheerful! I will definitely get my money out of this guy!

burts bee's lotion

Burt's bee's products never disappoint, but this lotion is really amazing! Perfect for dry winter skin and best of doesn't leave that burning sensation on your hands like some lotions do! 

Smith & Hawken® Boxwood Topiary in Ceramic Pot; 16" height

Lastly, I picked up a pair of these darling little Smith & Hawken boxwood trees for my kitchen window.  I used some of my Christmas money and they were on clearance so I justified my unnecessary but oh-so-cute purchase.... The ceramic pot is actually a creamy white (for some reason this photo makes it look greenish).  I'm going to leave cuties these out year round!  

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