Tuesday, December 31, 2013

{saying goodbye to 2013}

Happy New Years Eve! 

Another year savored. Taking the time today to reflect on our year...2013 sure has been good to us! I have to admit now looking back... 2012 was a trying year for me...we were in limbo with Mr.Cattlebuyer's official territory so we moved back home from Texas to be closer to family, we lived in a too-small-cramped apartment, and Mr.Cattlebuyer and I lived apart Monday-Friday while he was on the road traveling for work. I single parented. It kind of sucked.  Not going to lie. It was trying on so many different levels.  I felt defeated most days. 

2013 started off very similarly to 2012...waiting. limbo. where will life take us. defeated. What I thought was going to be a blessing/peace filled year started off exactly the same as the year before. semi-stressful. single parenting. life on the road. it seemed like we would never reach our final destination.  put on a happy face and make it work. people must have thought we were crazy.

But sure enough right around the beginning of Summer...we got the official word of permanency in our life.  Mr. Cattlebuyer accepted his final territory (after some back and forth between two locations).  It really felt like God had prepared us for where we finally ended up.  The puzzle pieces of life all came together. What I thought was going to be a stress filled/defeated year was anything but that.  We found a house we loved, Mr. Cattlebuyer loves his territory, and I've found some time do my design work.  It started off slow...but I have to say I think we are going out with a bang! ( Sorry I am just now sharing this...this blog has always been my "happy" place. I try to always keep this a positive outlet for my life....but I also want it to be real. And this has been the real roller coaster ride we have been on the past 2.5 years.)  2013 was a year many of our dreams came true.  We were reunited as a family (no more traveling for work) and we bought our first house!  It was  year of blessings visibly seen.

Here are some of my favorite photos from 2013: 

Catching snowflakes in the park..

Pondering thoughts...

Our fun trip to Gulfport, Mississippi to see Uncle Cole! 

And our brief visit to New Orleans (with a toddler in tow...what were we thinking!?!).  

We visited the zoo this summer...

And I verified in my mind that yes, my husband and son are pretty much duplicates of each other.

we played in the sand:

And visited the farm were Silly (the horse) lived....

Old Silly passed away this year...she will be missed.

we went back the zoo.

And we bought a house and ran through sprinklers in our own backyard.

and suddenly right before our eyes this fall, our little guy grew up and turned 3! We celebrated with  cupcakes and a backyard party! 

and in October we happily welcomed Uncle Cole back from Afghanistan!

we hit up the pumpkin patch!

and we spent hours enjoying the beautiful fall weather on the hike n' bike.

all in all it was such a wonderful blessing filled year! Here's to 2014, may it be another year of blessings both big and small.  May we enjoy the small quiet moments just as much as the momentous ones. May we see God's goodness working at all times...in the times where the blessings are hard to see and the years where blessings visibly abound! Hoping you all enjoy your last day of 2013!

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