Saturday, December 21, 2013

{merry weekend}

Merry Weekend-before-Christmas!

Sorry for the silence...we've had some internet issues that have prevented me from blogging as much as I really wanted too this month.  I hate that. And I feel really silly that boring/funny Christmas wish list of mine was on my blog home page for so long! And I know I promised I'd be back with my little man's wish list....but just being honest, all he asked for this year was a "batman house" which he saw on a commercial a few weeks ago. AND great grandma already gifted it to him last weekend at an early family Christmas celebration! So whenever we've been out and strangers ask him what he's asking for for Christmas, he says...."A batman house, I already got it!".  Well okay!!! I guess Santa is going to have to get creative this year! I love the innocence of age 3....they are old enough to know about the magic of Christmas but yet young enough to not have any selfish greedy mile-long-wish-list wants.  It's perfect, I wish he could stay this age (minus the occasional tantrum...) forever! That's all to say, I'm not going to bother putting together a wish list for my little man because honestly he's already totally happy and content with the one item he asked for this year. :) 

I am still going to try to post some of our Christmas decor photos if I can get them off my camera in the next few days! Meanwhile I am going to entertain you with some design boards I have recently completed! I also have a few more boards in que that I should have completed very soon now that my internet is back! 

Enjoy your weekend friends! 

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