Monday, December 23, 2013


Well, I didn't get any of my camera photos downloaded (no surprise... sorry family!), so these clips from my phone will have to do.  I must say...we have really made this a month full of fun Christmas activities. I love December. I wish I could always be as intentional with our time as I have been this month.  Not that everything has been perfect (I definitely dropped the ball in a few areas and you better believe I still have a few gifts I have yet to wrap!) but all in all I feel so much better this year about our schedule. I loved the relaxed feeling we've had this year.  I didn't stress about decorating every.single.inch.of our house and I didn't do any major projects that required too much work.  We made sugar cookies...and I let roverboy decorate without stressing over spilled sprinkles, we drove around and looked at Christmas lights, played in the snow, wrapped gifts, put money in the red kettle at the grocery store, mailed our christmas cards, opened the store-bought advent calender daily, dropped off santa's letter in the mail box at the post office, delivered treats to our neighbors, and we read the polar express 1000 times.  Some days "elfie" our elf didn't move for DAYS. Our tree only looked "good" for the first hour it was up, then my little guy re-arranged to his hearts content and I've been vacuuming glitter ever since.  I decorated our stairwell with garland then realized a week or two in it was dripping sap onto my woodwork as I cursed myself for using "real" garland this year.

But guess what. it was magical and we made really special memories.  I'm sure we will edit our activity list as as the years go by and life changes, but I love that this season hasn't felt rushed or stressful in any way but yet we have done so many memorable things.

ipad movies in the glow of the twinkling christmas tree lights

snuggles in bed reading our favorite book

simple decorations.

scrap fabric crafts

rosemary in a bucket 

store bought treats for our friends

we did some freezer paper stenciling. 

and hot glued our gingerbread house

and mailed our Christmas cards out...

and in the end, it has all been really special to us, but the real gift has already been given.  he came to us in a dirty stable. in a town that had no room....
a prince of peace. wonderful counselor. everlasting father. an all knowing mighty God.

I hope you feel the love of God this Christmas and all year round.  

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