Tuesday, December 3, 2013

{Happy December}

Hope y'all enjoyed your LONG holiday weekend. I know we sure did! Now December is upon us, and I find myself in full Christmas mode.  

Christmas...  "Happy December"


Forget baking, and I hate shopping in crowds....I just like to decorate. This year is extra fun, because we have a big ol' house to fluff. But this year, I'm going with the less is more concept.  I'm really trying to pair down our decorations.  I'm taking a box load to Goodwill this week, I just have too much stuff most of which I don't even put out anymore.  I've found my absolute favorite way to add touches of Christmas cheer to our home is by using springs of evergreens throughout.  Simple. Virtually Free. And so Pretty!

Here are some of my inspiration pictures!

Christmas in the kitchen eclecticallyvintage.com

Christmas Styles | Pottery Barn

Christmas 2011 eclectic family room

I will be back soon to share with you some of my personal holiday decorating! 

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