Friday, December 27, 2013

{christmas morning magic}

 I hope y'all enjoyed your holiday celebrations! Santa paid a visit to our house and I tried to capture the emotions of the morning (it's been too long since I've had my camera out!). This was such a magical morning for us....our first Christmas at our new house.  We actually had to wake our little man up (he stayed up a little too late on Christmas eve) and we wasted no time before uncovering all the treasures under the tree.  

My childhood stocking....

The suspense....

the bed head kills me....

 "Santa gave me an apple momma!"  (a tradition....we always had an apple or orange in the foot of our stocking!)

Monster trucks bring the BIGGEST smiles. 

Somehow Santa magically fit a train table down our was a real Christmas miracle! 

I'll be back again soon...we are off to celebrate one last late Christmas celebration with our family! Enjoy your last weekend of 2013!

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