Tuesday, November 5, 2013

{it's that time of year...}

It's that time of the year where you start thinking about your dinnerware a little more than normal. 

This year I'm dreamin' about investing in some fancy transferware.  I love holiday traditions and as I get older and my little boy gets older I realize family traditions matter more and more.  Traditions are important...they are a big part of what memories are made of! As a child, my mom always brought out her Christmas spode when the winter season hit and I loved it! It felt extra special eating on our festive plates.  So now I'm wondering....do y'all rotate your dinnerware every season? How many sets of dinnerware do you own?

I really love the more traditional thankgiving woodland plates:

But I also love something a little more unexpected, like horse transferware.  I know BOTH my boys would absolutely love eating on these!

Guess I know what I can put on my Christmas list this year!
Happy Tuesday! 


  1. Hi Lesley, just found you through your pins on Pinterest. I've collected brown transfer wear mostly and I love it for Fall. I mix it with large white chargers ("banquet plates from Sur La Table). The stark white against the creams and browns is lovely. And yes, I use different plates in Summer and also at Christmas, why not!? Like you say, tradition and occasions are what make family life special and sitting around a table together is a big part of that. My newlywed girls and their husbands all come for dinner every Sunday, the boys tell me it's their favourite night of the week. Enjoy your dishes! Shonna :)

    1. Thanks for visiting Shonna, I'm so glad you found my blog through Pinterest!


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