Thursday, November 28, 2013

{realization and thanksgiving}

Happy Thanksgiving! 

Just dropping in this morning to wish you and yours a wonderful holiday.  I woke up this morning with this nagging feeling like I needed to here I am. :) 

Over the past few months I've had a realization.  Not some big, hit-you-in-the-face, milestone. But just a simple reminder.  

When I was a 6 or 7 all I ever dreamed about was being a "mommy" (I played with my dolls until I was far too old) then I hit 9 or 10 and realized ALL I wanted to be was an interior designer.  I watched HGTV's "Decorating Cents" religiously.  I would spend my Saturday nights...watching back to back decorating on all night, Saturday night (do y'all remember these?). I would rearrange our big 80's furniture like it was my job.  My mom would come home from work I would have rearranged the living room into an entirely new set age 10! I think I only weighed  80lbs.  How in the world I maneuvered the big furniture I still have no idea....

But Lately, I've had these little reminders..(like when we attended our first local MOPS meeting this fall "am I really a mother of a preschooler?!") or when we signed the papers to buy our house this summer ("am I really old enough to BUY a house?!") All these tiny little reminders, have led me up to this feeling, for the first time in my life, I AM living my dream! (as cheesy as that sounds...)

Sometimes I forget, this life is EVERYTHING I've ever dreamed of, right here, right now.  I am a wife, a mom, and I have had many opportunities to dabble doing design work.  We have a wonderful home, healthy family, and we always have food on our table. Did it all happen according to my own timeline? No. I would have changed a few things if I had my way.  But it all happened on God's timing and who knows better than him? 

Today-- I'm thankful for all the opportunities and blessings God has given me, whether I have been "ready" or not, he has given me more than I deserve.  All the stepping stones have led me where I am today and they all have been little pieces of the puzzle that have now created my beautiful life.  

Thanks be to God

Thank you for letting me share my heart with y'all today....let us be joyful and grateful everyday of the year! 

Happy Thanksgiving Friends! 

Saturday, November 23, 2013

{some updated pictures}

Happy Saturday Friends!

Hope y'all are enjoying your last weekend of peace before the holiday chaos ensues next week.  Or maybe the chaos has already begun for you....I can't believe how many people are already decorating for Christmas.  I am a firm believer in only so I am resisting doing any seasonal decorating until AFTER Thanksgiving despite how tempting it might be.  We actually have our first Thanksgiving this weekend, so that will keep us busy! 

One of my favorite ways to decorate a home is including family photos.  I finally got up to date and had our pictures done professionally this year.  And I could not be happier the results! Tara did an awesome job. 

I especially love these candid ones with our boy....they are some of my faves.

Hope y'all have an awesome weekend! 

Thursday, November 21, 2013

{artistic talent: kate mullin}

There is few things I enjoy more than when I stumble upon new-to-me artist. Kate Mullin, is one to remember. 

Kate is based out of South Carolina and covers a variety of artistic subjects, but the one I really admire is her barn collection. I really think I need to add one of her pieces to my walls.  I love Kate's mix of colors and her unique painting's realistic, yet totally abstracted. It's so unique! 

Image of Falling Down Barn

Image of Baby Barn

Image of Gray Barn

Image of Tan Barn

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

{color crush: navy and orange}

One complimentary color combination that will never get old is navy + orange.  It's such a classic pairing with a slightly preppy feel. I love it.

I'm actually considering painting our master bedroom walls a rich navy blue color. It's such a moody,cozy color....perfect for bedrooms and dens. I really think dark walls will make a comeback in 2014 and beyond.  

odens/libraries/offices - cobalt blue walls built-ins light gray sofa blue piping orange velvet pillows orange ottomans Orange & blue den with

Material Girls | Interior Design Blogs | Decorating & Home D├ęcor » indigo, white and orange living room


Navy walls! I love navy walls. And navy kitchen cabinets are becoming quite popular as well. I'll probably post at least 12 other photos with navy. Love the pop of orange

How do y'all feel about using such a dark deep color on your walls? Are you digging it or do you prefer the lighter neutral colored walls? 

Friday, November 15, 2013

{shades of gray}

Happy Friday Friends!

This is the year of gray's....EVERYONE is using gray and I love it as much as any other designer out there.  But I have to say....Gray can be very tricky to work with.  There are so many shades of gray with various hidden can have pink-gray, blue-gray, green-gray, brown-gray, the list just goes on an on.  

It's a no brainer, white trim + gray walls (any shade there of...) looks good.  It's a no fail combination.  There are thousands of images of this combination on Pinterest right now.  But Gray walls instantly become trickier when you have dark stained trim.  Your woodwork can really make or break your wall color so it's important to get it right.  

Here are some of my favorite gray walls with dark stained wood.  

jessica helgerson

love the gray trim color for molding and door against the wood stain floor and white walls

ooh! love the wood with gray wall!

Wall color with dark trim

I know especially in older homes...painting original woodwork isn't an option.  So finding the perfect shade of gray can really help freshen up a space! What are some of your favorite grays to use with dark trim?

Thursday, November 14, 2013

{in case you wondered...}

what I really look like.

 I had Tara G Photography take our family photos a few weeks ago and she kindly took an updated head shot for my blog as well! I haven't had a professional photo of myself taken (I do have a few in my wedding dress...) since I was a senior in high school! Wowza...I must say I feel SO much more comfortable behind the camera than I do in front of it. But, I just couldn't handle my circle-head-cropped-out-of-our-old-family photo on my blog sidebar anymore. It was time for an update and I think this photo represents who I am a little better. :)  

I'll share with you some of our family shots as soon as I figure out which one I'm going to use for our Christmas card!  If y'all want to know more about Tara, email me and I will send you her contact information! She was wonderful to work with! 

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

{quote of the day}

Hands down, one of my favorite designer quotes via Suzanne Kasler. 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

{design board:: bedroom lounge}

Happy Tuesday Friends!

Today I'm sharing a small e*design board I put together for a client.  This sitting space was a small empty niche in their master bedroom that needed to be addressed.  There are windows on two sides of the small room, but the one main wall was just calling for some beautiful artwork.  We choose this set of three beautiful abstract pieces and then drew inspiration for our color palette from the focal art.  We blended soft grays, blues, and touches of emerald green to create a comfortable and serene lounge area.  I hope these clients enjoy their pretty lounging space! 


If you would like to work together to create a home you absolutely love, please contact me at

Saturday, November 9, 2013

{recap & randomness}

Happy Saturday Friends!

Wowza, another week has zoomed on by.  I vowed I was going to write more than one blog post every week now that our crazy life has settled down a bit...but clearly that hasn't gone as well as I had hoped. Or maybe our life is just as crazy as ever (per usual) and I'm in denial! ;) 

 We had lots of things going on this week here and there and then my little guy got caught a yucky bug that ended with us at the clinic for the second time in one month.  Ugh. So not ready for this cold and flu season! Winter is my least favorite season (minus the wonderful winter holidays, I do love those!) 

Anyways, here is what we've been up too.

We tried taking family pictures a couple weeks ago... If y'all have ever tried to take a picture with a squirrely 3 year old you know about how well that goes.  Here is one of our sneaks from our session!  We did get lots of good "smiley" posed ones too, but these outtakes are growing on me....they are so much more like real everyday life. 


I finally got around to picking up a quart of one of my favorite accent paint colors: 
sherwin williams rosemary

It's a gorgeous griege-green color and goes awesome with cool grays and crisp white walls. I prefer to use it more as an accent color than a full room color.  I just got done painting some chunky picture frames this color, but it looks great on furniture, shelves, doors, you name it.  I must resist the urge to paint everything this color. 


I also recently fell in love with this raspberry accent chair at one of our local re-purposed furniture stores.  Oh my word.  It would be a PERFECT pop of color in a girl nursery!  Believe me I had to talk myself out of buying this "just because its so fabulous" about 20 times over. 

And get was only $15!!!! Kicking myself for not just buying it.  


I've also been eyeballing this Costa Del Sol wallpaper.  It would be perfect touch of pattern for a small powder bath.


We decided to whip up this sugar cookie recipe from Williams and Sonoma a few weeks ago for Halloween.  And they were super yummy.  I know it's not Halloween anymore, but I will be saving this recipe to use for Christmas cookies next month! 

Cardamom Cutout Sugar Cookies |


Last but not least, can we please talk about how awesome this gallery wall from the pages of  Elle Decor is? The designer played up the vaulted roof line with the artwork arrangement.  So genius and interesting.  I'm still not tired of gallery walls.  

image06 Gallery Walls with Gregg Irby

Okay- that's all the randomness I can handle for one morning.  I'm off to sip another cup of coffee before gearing up to rake the leaves that have totally taken over our yard! 

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

{it's that time of year...}

It's that time of the year where you start thinking about your dinnerware a little more than normal. 

This year I'm dreamin' about investing in some fancy transferware.  I love holiday traditions and as I get older and my little boy gets older I realize family traditions matter more and more.  Traditions are important...they are a big part of what memories are made of! As a child, my mom always brought out her Christmas spode when the winter season hit and I loved it! It felt extra special eating on our festive plates.  So now I'm y'all rotate your dinnerware every season? How many sets of dinnerware do you own?

I really love the more traditional thankgiving woodland plates:

But I also love something a little more unexpected, like horse transferware.  I know BOTH my boys would absolutely love eating on these!

Guess I know what I can put on my Christmas list this year!
Happy Tuesday! 

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