Friday, October 25, 2013

{framed blueprints}

Happy Friday Friends!

Today I'm obsessing over framed blueprints.  We inherited our original house architectural blueprints and I absolutely LOVE them! I just think they are so unique, hand drawn blue prints are totally to a thing of the past with AutoCAD.  I'm planning on making copies of ours and framing them for our entry foyer.  I think they will be a fun conversation piece for visitors and of course, I love that they show the evolution and history of our home.
Personal art is the best art in my opinion.

Here some of the images that I'm inspired by:

 shoFramed blueprints. I've been asking my mom for years to find the ones of our house in FLA to do this exact thing....

I love these blueprints on the wall.  I'll have to see if we have any extra blueprints (real blueprints) lying around the office.

framed blueprints. Need to frame the blueprints (or architectural drawigns) of our new house!! House Crashing: Lesley & Jeff | Young House Love

framed old house plans....would be neat to do with the blueprints grandpa drew up for mom and dad's house...

Living room featuring framed architectural blueprints - design by Phoebe Howard

Use Blueprints as Art | Framed art doesn't have to be a painting or a photograph. |

Hope y'all have a amazing weekend!


  1. Framed blueprints...what a great idea! I love the punch of color they provide, while adding a personal touch to your home. Elle

    1. Yes- I love the pop of color they add! I will have to take a photo when I get mine framed! Thanks for visiting!


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