Monday, October 14, 2013

{fall inspiration}

Happy Monday y'all!

Hope your mornings are off to a good start! Today I'm sharing with you some of my favorite FALL decorating ideas via pinterest and tomorrow I will show you how I interpreted some of these ideas into my own home.  Sound fun!? 

I have to first share with you this....I really don't spend big bucks on Holiday decorations.  I try to use as much natural (aka FREE) things as possible.  I would personally rather spend money on decor pieces that can sit out year round vs. seasonal stuff.  So I have to admit...I don't buy a lot from stores, I try to shop my own home and my yard (this year!).  Anyways- now that I have that off my is some of my inspiration this year!

Bottles filled with clippings from the yard....I love the simplicity!

Twigs, candles, heirloom pumpkins, moss and leaves...oh my! I have all of this at my house already! 

Home Makeover: 5 Ways to Cozy Up Your House for Fall

I'm diggin' all the texture in this pine cone wreath! Lucky me (maybe...they are kind of a pain to pick up!)...we have oodles of pine cones in our yard! 

Pine cone wreath

Pendleton blankets are so appropriate this time of year! I was first introduced to these when I worked in Montana. The designer I worked under often used these at the foot of the beds for extra warmth! Tis the season for warm and cozy blankets! 

Fall - Pendleton Blankets

Of course, one of my first purchases for our house was some boxwood planters.  I have ours on our front stoop... I love how they can work all year round from spring to winter!

grey, cream, agey green pumpkins~boxwood topiary~love the door treatment.

We don't have window boxes (although I would love to add some!) but I love how you can even use your spring and summer flower boxes and make them look fall-ish by mixing in your pumpkins! So simple! 

pretty pink tulips

Hubby asked me yesterday if he could go pheasant hunting in two weeks when the season opens up.  Well OF COURSE (!!!) as long as you bring me home some tail feathers for about a  *win,win* situation! 

Sarah Gray Miller Upstate New York Home - Decorating with Collections - Country Living

90 Fall Porch Decorating Ideas

Okay- come back tomorrow and see how I've decorated our house this fall! 

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