Tuesday, October 15, 2013

{fall decorating:: snippets & tips from my house}

Happy Tuesday!

Well, like I promised, I'm back today with some fall decorating from my house! I took all of shots these with my *yucky quality* phone so....they are far from good. But I thought I'd show you how I decorate a little bit for the fall! 

I also have to share with you a disclaimer....I have a certain affinity for white pumpkins.  I think they just go better with my neutral decor, so that is mostly what you will find inside my house.  We did do the more traditional orange and gold pumpkins and gourds on our front stoop (which reminds me I forgot to take a picture of that!) and in our sun room. 

Tip #1: if you put anything under glass it makes it look special....ie. a simple white pumpkin.  I added in some greenery and some cotton balls from our house in Texas.  I kinda love it.  I also finally founds some curtains for our kitchen.  I found them at a store closeout sale and they were SUPER cheap so I went for them.  They are neutral (surprise...surprise! ;)) but they have loads of texture (they look like burlap but they are 100% cotton) and are fully lined.  Hooray for finally being able to stand in front of my kitchen sink in my pjs again! :) 

I also used my ceramic salt and pepper shakers and put them under a glass dome mixed with some fall leaves.  Simple and easy!

Tip #2: Gather things from your own yard! I whipped up this pine cone wreath with an old wreath form, pine cones from our yard and some glue sticks and ribbon.  Super easy and I love the simplicity of it! I think I will add some ribbon at Christmas time but for fall I like it just the way it is.

Tip #3: Shop your house. My dining room table got a simple centerpiece with mostly things collected from our yard and some twig balls, white candles, and pumpkins.  So easy and virtually free.  It's amazing what you can re use and re purpose from your own home.  

Tip #4: Don't forget the smallest areas of your home.  Our phone niche got some simple letter initials and a small pumpkin too! Sometimes tucking a fall touch into the unexpected areas can make an otherwise ordinary or empty spot feel special.  I love passing by this area in our hallway. 

Tip #5: You can decorate for halloween and it doesn't HAVE to be cheesy.  I repurposed these letters b,o,o from a old "cowboy" letter sign I had in roverdoodles room. 

Tip #6: Use your christmas decor for fall.  It doesn't always work, but usually it can! I used these berry garlands from my christmas decor box.  They look christmas-y when mixed with evergreen garland, but when you mix it with fall leaves, pumpkins, and burlap it works for fall! Double duty
  decor...you can't beat that! 

Tip #7: Change out your artwork.  This is an easy tip, one I do quite frequently. Mr. Cattlebuyer thinks I'm crazy, but artwork is easy to switch out and it makes such a big impact on your walls! I painted this pumpkin with some watercolors in about 15 minutes.  Super duper easy and it gives a touch of fall to an otherwise standard frame. 

Tip #8: Get your kiddos involved in decorating! I think that's half the fun! If I didn't have anyone to decorate with or for it wouldn't be worth it.  But my little guy came out with me and helped me gather the leaves, acorns, pine cones, flower clippings, and pumpkins and he loved it! We have fun hunting our yard for natural treasures.  I also love doing simple crafts with him. We created this friendly ghost using some felt from my craft bucket.   He helped me place the facial features and we talked about all the different shapes and letters. Great fun and it can was a teaching lesson too!

Hope y'all enjoyed seeing little snippets from my house...sorry again for the poor quality photos. Do you guys have any other good seasonal decorating tips that you use? 

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