Tuesday, October 22, 2013

{ditch the doors}

I've been debating on tackling another project around our house....
as much as I really want to paint the dining room, I am going to hold off until I find my new dining chairs.

SOOOO....that leads me to the next item on my to-do list....the kitchen.  

(real estate listing photo....I hurried and saved all the photos for fear I might not ever have "before" pictures of our house)

Most of the cupboards are original to the house.  The previous homeowners did a few small updates to the kitchen like painting the cupboards a fresh coat of white.  I like them.  But the kitchen is rather smallish (there is also a small eat-in window niche to the right of this photo).  And I have begun to toy with the idea of ditching some of the upper doors. 

The above picture is of the kitchen from the real estate listing (that's not my decor!!) .  As you can see it's not horrible...but its definitely not my style.  We will have to keep the checkered floors (which are okay for the time being as I have put a big woven rug down which helps tone them down a bit) and I am definitely going to paint over the red walls! I would love to add some additional crown molding to help disguise the dead space between the ceiling and the top of the cupboards.  Also planning on removing the valance piece above the kitchen sink (ugh...why did they design kitchens with these things!?)  Also would like to change out the knobs (yuck they look like little black holes everywhere! Drive me nuts!) and add a pendant light above the sink, add a built in bench for the window niche....oh the list goes on and on.  Oh and don't even get me started on updating the appliances $$$$$$

So for the time being, I'm going to try and do some of the smaller easy fixes to the kitchen.  Like painting the walls, changing out the knobs, and removing some of the upper doors maybe adding some trim work. 

 Ideally I would love to remove the upper cupboards entirely and do open shelves but that would require a major gut job removing the small soffit above the cupboards. So for the interim I'm thinking about removing the doors to the right and left of the sink.

Similar to this picture: 


I love how taking off the doors helps open up the upper shelves, it lightens things up a bit. Holly did it in her kitchen and wowza, what a difference it makes! Notice her checkered flooring....trying to draw inspiration from her kitchen for OUR kitchen! If Holly has them they must be cool right?! :)

Even Darby ditched the doors in her kitchen:

Doesn't removing the doors feel so much fresher? It's like taking off your heavy winter coat when you walk into a home....you instantly feel more comfortable.  

I love it when it's done appropriately. I have seen some kitchens that look they are under construction without the upper doors.  I think you have to carefully style the shelves with accessories, and not take off too many doors (making the kitchen appear too busy!).  

Okay, so what are y'all honest thoughts on removing the upper doors on cupboards? Do you like-y or do you prefer things covered up and concealed? 

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