Thursday, October 31, 2013

{one kings lane: home on the range}

I can't help but bring to your attention this OKL sale. Everything listed reminds me of my time spent working at Sisson Designs in Big Sky, Montana. 

Hairy Hides, Leather, Mahogany to Knotty Pine, antlers, and rustic pieces galore.  This sale is filled with unique pieces that can work in a variety of interiors from super modern to outdoors-y rustic.

Here are some of my favorite pieces from the collection:


Happy Halloween Friends! 

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

{holiday decorating!}

I know, I know, it's not even Halloween yet....but my schedule is filling up pretty quick and the busy holiday season officially kicks off tomorrow! This year I'm taking a very limited number of local holiday decorating clients.  I know everyone (or pretty much everyone!) loves decorating for the holidays, but let's be honest, sometimes decorating takes a back seat on your to-do list! This service is great for those who are physically unable to decorate their home or maybe you are just too busy this year and are looking to free up your schedule! We can work with your existing items helping you see them in a new way or we can bring in new items to give your home a fresh holiday look.  We can also decorate for any special holiday events, from the centerpieces to the doors and windows, we will make sure nothing goes untouched this holiday season! 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

{designer love: jillian harris}

Of course, y'all already know about Jillian Harris if you are a religious bachelor/bachelorette fan.  I'm not proud to admit, but I'm a fanatic.  I especially loved her season.  I thought she was warm and inviting and just seemed like such a genuine real person.  She was one of my favorites, it didn't hurt she was in real life, an interior designer.

PNE Prizehome Designer

I mean could she be any more gorgeous? And that bunk room is so stinkin' cute!  She radiates talent. She actually has made her television come back on HGTV's Love it or List it.  But maybe what you didn't know is she is the creative director behind Charlie Ford Vintage. It's her newest endeavor.  They sell vintage, one-of-a-kind finds for amazing prices. It reminds me of 1st dibs except the prices are far more reasonable. 

Super cool stuff! Definitely check it out! 

Friday, October 25, 2013

{framed blueprints}

Happy Friday Friends!

Today I'm obsessing over framed blueprints.  We inherited our original house architectural blueprints and I absolutely LOVE them! I just think they are so unique, hand drawn blue prints are totally to a thing of the past with AutoCAD.  I'm planning on making copies of ours and framing them for our entry foyer.  I think they will be a fun conversation piece for visitors and of course, I love that they show the evolution and history of our home.
Personal art is the best art in my opinion.

Here some of the images that I'm inspired by:

 shoFramed blueprints. I've been asking my mom for years to find the ones of our house in FLA to do this exact thing....

I love these blueprints on the wall.  I'll have to see if we have any extra blueprints (real blueprints) lying around the office.

framed blueprints. Need to frame the blueprints (or architectural drawigns) of our new house!! House Crashing: Lesley & Jeff | Young House Love

framed old house plans....would be neat to do with the blueprints grandpa drew up for mom and dad's house...

Living room featuring framed architectural blueprints - design by Phoebe Howard

Use Blueprints as Art | Framed art doesn't have to be a painting or a photograph. |

Hope y'all have a amazing weekend!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


"Clouds" by John Singer Sargent, 1897 - watercolor on white wove paper


John Singer Sargent

Obsessing over this piece above from the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  

Something about clouds totally inspires me...maybe its the freedom that clouds have, floating where ever they please, or maybe its just the tranquil blue-gray colors, or just simply the act of looking up and remembering this world is far bigger than the craziness of my little life.  

They just feel peaceful to me. 

What's inspiring you today? 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

{ditch the doors}

I've been debating on tackling another project around our house....
as much as I really want to paint the dining room, I am going to hold off until I find my new dining chairs.

SOOOO....that leads me to the next item on my to-do list....the kitchen.  

(real estate listing photo....I hurried and saved all the photos for fear I might not ever have "before" pictures of our house)

Most of the cupboards are original to the house.  The previous homeowners did a few small updates to the kitchen like painting the cupboards a fresh coat of white.  I like them.  But the kitchen is rather smallish (there is also a small eat-in window niche to the right of this photo).  And I have begun to toy with the idea of ditching some of the upper doors. 

The above picture is of the kitchen from the real estate listing (that's not my decor!!) .  As you can see it's not horrible...but its definitely not my style.  We will have to keep the checkered floors (which are okay for the time being as I have put a big woven rug down which helps tone them down a bit) and I am definitely going to paint over the red walls! I would love to add some additional crown molding to help disguise the dead space between the ceiling and the top of the cupboards.  Also planning on removing the valance piece above the kitchen sink (ugh...why did they design kitchens with these things!?)  Also would like to change out the knobs (yuck they look like little black holes everywhere! Drive me nuts!) and add a pendant light above the sink, add a built in bench for the window niche....oh the list goes on and on.  Oh and don't even get me started on updating the appliances $$$$$$

So for the time being, I'm going to try and do some of the smaller easy fixes to the kitchen.  Like painting the walls, changing out the knobs, and removing some of the upper doors maybe adding some trim work. 

 Ideally I would love to remove the upper cupboards entirely and do open shelves but that would require a major gut job removing the small soffit above the cupboards. So for the interim I'm thinking about removing the doors to the right and left of the sink.

Similar to this picture: 


I love how taking off the doors helps open up the upper shelves, it lightens things up a bit. Holly did it in her kitchen and wowza, what a difference it makes! Notice her checkered flooring....trying to draw inspiration from her kitchen for OUR kitchen! If Holly has them they must be cool right?! :)

Even Darby ditched the doors in her kitchen:

Doesn't removing the doors feel so much fresher? It's like taking off your heavy winter coat when you walk into a instantly feel more comfortable.  

I love it when it's done appropriately. I have seen some kitchens that look they are under construction without the upper doors.  I think you have to carefully style the shelves with accessories, and not take off too many doors (making the kitchen appear too busy!).  

Okay, so what are y'all honest thoughts on removing the upper doors on cupboards? Do you like-y or do you prefer things covered up and concealed? 

Monday, October 21, 2013

{revisiting an old topic: convex mirrors}

Happy Monday!

Today I'm revisiting a topic I talked about back in January of 2011.  Unfortunately, all my image links are broken from that old post! So I thought why not touch on the subject again...

Convex Mirrors

In particular, Federal Convex Mirrors. Love them or hate them they are here to stay! I love how they can work perfectly in traditional rooms or paired in super modern spaces without much tweaking.  They add an instant touch of eclectic, timeless Americana to any space! 

sadie + stella: Monday Musings: Convex Mirrors

I first fell in love with them when I saw this Lauren Liess' bedroom image a long,long time ago....  It's so unexpected and perfect. 

beautiful! esp. with IKEA dressers as bedside tables!

I really have been wanting one ever since I posted back in 2012, and I recently found one at an antique store for $7!  It is exactly like this one below: 

Isn't is awesome? I just couldn't leave it behind for only $7! Granted, it's not the highest quality but I figured I could find the perfect spot for it and I love that it's a total conversation starter! I've even thought about maybe painting mine white like some of these below...but I do like how it adds a touch of metallic gold to the wall as is! Here are some of my inspiration photos:

Furbish Studio

Mocha walls, Federal convex mirror, mirrored sconce, antique dresser, chintz and animal print upholstery - former apartment of Tinsley and Topper Mortimer

an american eagle convex mirror

convex mirror, dark and light contrast

So what do y'all think? Should I paint it and give it more of a modern look or should I leave it gold and work with it as is? 

Friday, October 18, 2013

{friday faves}

Happy Friday! 

Just popping in to say hi!  I've had another crazy week...haven't slowed down until today!  Here's what's I've been up to this week:

I went to our local parade of homes show last Sunday.  I was recommended to check out this home and I'm totally LOVING it.  Let me tell you for the midwest this home is a breath of fresh air! I loved the open concept floor plan and the large center kitchen island was amazing.   The furnishings were spot on (except in the master...didn't care for those...) but this main floor was perfect! 

7320 Pinwheel Ct, Lincoln, NE 68516 - MLS#: 10104312


I also took the plunge and hired a photographer to take some family pictures this weekend. It's been on my to-do list for years and I just said to heck with it....we are doing it and we are doing it now because the leaves are turning here and I can't wait any LONGER. :) Of course, I could think of 1 million reasons not to do it....which I have been doing for the past 2 years or we could just do it and be happy.  I know I won't regret it.  

She did my sister's pictures last year and did an amazing job! LOVE this one below: 

So excited to have an updated family picture! 


Since we are taking family  photos...I HAD to do some outfit shopping.  *wink,wink* and luckily old navy had some amazing columbus day sales last weekend.  I can't believe I'm doing it, but i'm drinking the ankle boot kool-aid.  I said I would never wear them (because I'm a total shorty) but I tried them on and actually liked them! I'm a total boot hoarder and let's be honest, I can't go through another fall/winter without adding to my boot collection.  :) 

This is the pair I got, they were only $25 on sale and I think for that cheap price I can wear them and not feel guilty when they go out of style (assuming they are fairly trendy, and I will probably hate them by next boot season...)

Women's Textured Short-Zip Boots

I instantly felt like Lisa Leonard in them!


I'm also getting the itch to paint again...eep! I'm leaning towards doing our dining room next, it's this hideous peachy fleshy color and I cannot stand it. It makes everything look orange!

I'm thinking doing a darker gray like Graceful Gray by Behr.  Holly used it in her dining room and I love it! I am going to pick up a sample and see what it does in our space.

Rustic elegance. Love the plate rack and lantern.


Lastly, since it is officially fall around here, I'm dying to mix up some scarecrow bars! They are too.die.for.good.  Like sweet & salty & gooey all in one bite.  I mixed in reese's pieces last year instead of candy corn and they were just as yummy!


Scarecrow Cookie Bars Recipe | Just A Pinch Recipes


Okay, that's all the random thoughts I've got for today! Hope y'all have an amazing weekend!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

{fall decorating:: snippets & tips from my house}

Happy Tuesday!

Well, like I promised, I'm back today with some fall decorating from my house! I took all of shots these with my *yucky quality* phone so....they are far from good. But I thought I'd show you how I decorate a little bit for the fall! 

I also have to share with you a disclaimer....I have a certain affinity for white pumpkins.  I think they just go better with my neutral decor, so that is mostly what you will find inside my house.  We did do the more traditional orange and gold pumpkins and gourds on our front stoop (which reminds me I forgot to take a picture of that!) and in our sun room. 

Tip #1: if you put anything under glass it makes it look a simple white pumpkin.  I added in some greenery and some cotton balls from our house in Texas.  I kinda love it.  I also finally founds some curtains for our kitchen.  I found them at a store closeout sale and they were SUPER cheap so I went for them.  They are neutral (surprise...surprise! ;)) but they have loads of texture (they look like burlap but they are 100% cotton) and are fully lined.  Hooray for finally being able to stand in front of my kitchen sink in my pjs again! :) 

I also used my ceramic salt and pepper shakers and put them under a glass dome mixed with some fall leaves.  Simple and easy!

Tip #2: Gather things from your own yard! I whipped up this pine cone wreath with an old wreath form, pine cones from our yard and some glue sticks and ribbon.  Super easy and I love the simplicity of it! I think I will add some ribbon at Christmas time but for fall I like it just the way it is.

Tip #3: Shop your house. My dining room table got a simple centerpiece with mostly things collected from our yard and some twig balls, white candles, and pumpkins.  So easy and virtually free.  It's amazing what you can re use and re purpose from your own home.  

Tip #4: Don't forget the smallest areas of your home.  Our phone niche got some simple letter initials and a small pumpkin too! Sometimes tucking a fall touch into the unexpected areas can make an otherwise ordinary or empty spot feel special.  I love passing by this area in our hallway. 

Tip #5: You can decorate for halloween and it doesn't HAVE to be cheesy.  I repurposed these letters b,o,o from a old "cowboy" letter sign I had in roverdoodles room. 

Tip #6: Use your christmas decor for fall.  It doesn't always work, but usually it can! I used these berry garlands from my christmas decor box.  They look christmas-y when mixed with evergreen garland, but when you mix it with fall leaves, pumpkins, and burlap it works for fall! Double duty can't beat that! 

Tip #7: Change out your artwork.  This is an easy tip, one I do quite frequently. Mr. Cattlebuyer thinks I'm crazy, but artwork is easy to switch out and it makes such a big impact on your walls! I painted this pumpkin with some watercolors in about 15 minutes.  Super duper easy and it gives a touch of fall to an otherwise standard frame. 

Tip #8: Get your kiddos involved in decorating! I think that's half the fun! If I didn't have anyone to decorate with or for it wouldn't be worth it.  But my little guy came out with me and helped me gather the leaves, acorns, pine cones, flower clippings, and pumpkins and he loved it! We have fun hunting our yard for natural treasures.  I also love doing simple crafts with him. We created this friendly ghost using some felt from my craft bucket.   He helped me place the facial features and we talked about all the different shapes and letters. Great fun and it can was a teaching lesson too!

Hope y'all enjoyed seeing little snippets from my house...sorry again for the poor quality photos. Do you guys have any other good seasonal decorating tips that you use? 

Monday, October 14, 2013

{fall inspiration}

Happy Monday y'all!

Hope your mornings are off to a good start! Today I'm sharing with you some of my favorite FALL decorating ideas via pinterest and tomorrow I will show you how I interpreted some of these ideas into my own home.  Sound fun!? 

I have to first share with you this....I really don't spend big bucks on Holiday decorations.  I try to use as much natural (aka FREE) things as possible.  I would personally rather spend money on decor pieces that can sit out year round vs. seasonal stuff.  So I have to admit...I don't buy a lot from stores, I try to shop my own home and my yard (this year!).  Anyways- now that I have that off my is some of my inspiration this year!

Bottles filled with clippings from the yard....I love the simplicity!

Twigs, candles, heirloom pumpkins, moss and leaves...oh my! I have all of this at my house already! 

Home Makeover: 5 Ways to Cozy Up Your House for Fall

I'm diggin' all the texture in this pine cone wreath! Lucky me (maybe...they are kind of a pain to pick up!)...we have oodles of pine cones in our yard! 

Pine cone wreath

Pendleton blankets are so appropriate this time of year! I was first introduced to these when I worked in Montana. The designer I worked under often used these at the foot of the beds for extra warmth! Tis the season for warm and cozy blankets! 

Fall - Pendleton Blankets

Of course, one of my first purchases for our house was some boxwood planters.  I have ours on our front stoop... I love how they can work all year round from spring to winter!

grey, cream, agey green pumpkins~boxwood topiary~love the door treatment.

We don't have window boxes (although I would love to add some!) but I love how you can even use your spring and summer flower boxes and make them look fall-ish by mixing in your pumpkins! So simple! 

pretty pink tulips

Hubby asked me yesterday if he could go pheasant hunting in two weeks when the season opens up.  Well OF COURSE (!!!) as long as you bring me home some tail feathers for about a  *win,win* situation! 

Sarah Gray Miller Upstate New York Home - Decorating with Collections - Country Living

90 Fall Porch Decorating Ideas

Okay- come back tomorrow and see how I've decorated our house this fall! 

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