Thursday, September 19, 2013

{home update}

Hey Friends!  

I'm back, and happy to report all our foyer wallpaper has come down.  I did it last week by myself and it was surprisingly easier than I thought.  I was so scared I was going to damage our plaster walls, I didn't even score the paper.  I just soaked the walls generously in a water/vinegar solution with a sponge and let it sit for a while and then started peeling it off.  It took a few hours.  Some walls strangely enough were easier than others.  I spent a few hours the next day scraping some of the remaining adhesive, but all in all it wasn't horrible.  I'm guessing our paper was prepped well before which made its removal easier.

I'm just happy that paper is instantly dated the house and every time I looked at it passing through it reminded me we were living in someone else's old house.  I needed it down in order for it to start feeling like our house.  I know that probably sounds crazy....but you know how I am. 

I still haven't painted (waiting for Sherwin Williams sale which starts tomorrow, 40% off paint!) but I think I've found my color:

Sherwin Williams, Jogging Path, this photo makes it look darker than it really is...But its a nice basic neutral. Silver-khaki colored. 

I am also going to try like mad to get our dining room maybe even the kitchen painted before Roverboy's birthday party next Friday (he is turning THREE!! I can't even wrap my head around it...).  Hubs is going to the football game this weekend and I have a hot date with my paint roller...very exciting.... ;)

In dining room news I finally pulled the trigger an ordered a table online.  I've been searching like a crazy lady for a table for our dining room.  I was pretty sure I wanted the Trivoli pottery barn table, but I just couldn't talk myself into spending that kind of money on a table that I knew my rover was going to beat up.  I also was still on the fence as to what style I really wanted...pedestal or 4 legs. Then I saw this image from Brooke of Blueprint Bliss blog.  Her breakfast table in the was absolutely PERFECT for our dining room.

Blueprint Bliss: the kitchen... so far

 Ideally I was going to find an antique piece exactly like Brooke's table, but I was scouring craigslist for weeks and nothing was popping up.  Then one night I was doing my googling and stumbled upon this table via Home Decorators Collection.  It's not what I would call an antique and it has a little more pf a decorative apron, but it has a similar french country style and it was under budget so I went for it.  I think it is formal enough for holiday dinners but casual enough for morning breakfast. I can't wait until it arrives.  It had good reviews so I'm really hoping I like it! If not it will be going back.  I scored free shipping & free return by ordering it through Home Depot's website. So I don't have much to loose if I don't like it. 

 Of course, it doesn't have matching now I'm on the hunt for something that will work with it.  I'm picturing it paired with an upholstered chair, but lets be honest I have a messy family.  I'm not sure how much scotch guard it would take to keep them clean, but I'm imagining vast amounts.  My other option is possibly a slip-covered upholstered chair.  Something I could throw in and launder should it get inevitably get dirty.  

I will let you know what I find and hopefully I will get some pictures for y'all so you can see what I've done all this rambling about! 

Thanks for listening...hope y'all have a wonderful week! Be back again soon! 

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