Monday, September 2, 2013

{home update}

Happy Labor Day Friends! 

We are finally "home" and it feels SO good! It's been a long week, but we survived and are so happy! 

Now with labor day sales happening right now. I'm dying to get some steals for our new place! But I'm withholding the urge to buy just anything to fill up our house...even though its quite tempting this weekend. 

One thing we desperately need is a new dining table.

I'm leaning towards this table below for the dining room. We went table shopping locally last weekend, but nothing caught my eye.  I need something that looks nice enough for a formal dining room, but durable enough to withstand everyday wear.  This table will be our primary place of eating and y'all know kids are so hard on furniture! I need a completely smooth table top for cleaning and writing purposes, as I'm guessing this table will probably be a multi-functional work horse in our family! I've loved pedestal tables for as long as I can remember and being that our dining room is pretty much a hallway for the kitchen I like that there would be no sharp corners to run into. This PB guy might be a good option. 

Of course, being that it's PB it would be a pretty penny by the time we'd add in all the chairs.  I'm hoping it would be worth it?! My alternative is to wait it out and find an antique piece that will fit in perfectly...but that could take time.

What we'd spend extra on the dining furniture we'd save on our master headboard from *gasp* walmart. I really think this could be a good fit for us.  I might just pull the trigger on it today since it's so reasonably priced and has excellent reviews.

We also need window treatments for most of our main level windows (I'm seeing $$$$$$$).  Our living room has cheapy blinds but I would like to add drapery panels and natural woven shades for warmth.  We also have two windows in the dining room and kitchen sink window needs something as well, as I can't stand feeling like I live in the a fish bowl....these poor windows are totally bare.

For the Kitchen window, I would really like to put in a flat roman, but there is just no clearance above the window for it.   In my mind I would do Victoria Hagan's Four Seasons in Autumn.
But at $160 a yard...not sure I can justify that!!

 Soooooo.....I'm leaning towards maybe a pinch pleat cafe curtain instead in a more affordable fabric.

Here are my other possible options:

 Schumacher print?


Or maybe Braemore Gazebo Umber:

Or maybe something a little crazier, like this Braemore botanical fern print?


The possibilities are endless...but I still can't get Four seasons off my mind.

It's really too bad this new home didn't come with a money tree in the backyard. I've got far too many projects on my hands right now!  

Happy Labor Day Weekend...hope y'all get some rest and relaxation! 

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  1. There are some antique stores in B-town, downtown :). Did you try hill home furnishings for tables?


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