Monday, September 30, 2013


Happy Birthday to my little rover doodle! 

 I can hardly believe he is three today! What a blessing he is to our life! 


As much as I want to keep you little, you are growing up.  I feel like you skipped over the toddler years and jumped right into preschooler mode.  You have grown SO much over the past year, doing little things like learning the alphabet, singing songs, being independent, potty training, and learning your manners.  You can do just about everything mommy and daddy does.  You are so attentive to what is going on around you. 

Your favorite things to do this past year have been playing with your race cars.  You could play with them for HOURS.  You love zooming them around on the sofa.  Most of the time you talk to yourself "tending" to be different cars characters.  You always ask for us to check out the "cars" section when we go to target or walmart because you want to add to your collection.  You love picking out a new car and when you do you carry it around with you everywhere you go! 

You also love riding your scooter and playing "catch" outside.  You throw the ball and then we race after it to see who can get to it first! Usually you beat me! :) 

You always loved going to grandmas but now that we are in our new house you LOVE playing in the backyard.  You love when I draw a race track on the driveway for you to zoom around on.  You also love watering the plants, you are such a great little helper! Usually I find you watering the driveway, garage, and patio more than you water the actual plants but you have so much fun I can't stop you! 

You still only really eat when you are super hungry.  You have always been like that, so it's not anything new.  Some of your favorite foods are: pizza, corndogs, scrambled eggs, couscous, broccoli, yogurt, chocolate chip cookies, and pack-o-chewies.  You LOVE your apple juice. 

We still go on walks almost daily, its kind of "our" thing to do unless daddy is home and then he comes along too.  You hop up in your jogger and away we go.  Usually we have conversations the whole way, unless we are walking around your naptime then you ususally fall asleep on me.  You love getting the mail...and especially love it if there is something for you in the box.  

You are such a good helper, usually I can always count on you to help me do whatever I'm doing! You really love to help me out in the kitchen whenever I am baking.  Cookies are your favorite thing to make, but you often ask to make something special for daddy when he gets home from work. You pull up your chair and you run the mixer and help dump the ingredients.  You are a pro at it! You also like cleaning up the leftover sugar sprinkles on the counter. You definitely still have a sweet tooth! 

As you have grown, you have gotten a little ornery, you are ALL BOY! You love wrestling and being all rough and tumble.  Sometimes you get a little wild, but I just remind myself you are are supposed to be a little wild! You love playing with kids that are older than you. You follow them around and do whatever they are doing.  You love all your cousins and are learning how to play nicely with the younger ones and be a good sharer with the older ones.  You will share just about anything except your "cars collection" which you get a little possessive of (we are working on that...). You love all things preschoolers love: building forts, reading books, playing outside, singing songs, watching cartoons, playing at the train table when we go to the "train" store, digging in the dirt, and putting together puzzles! 

You still love cuddling and every once in a while you still rock a bye with mommy in the rocking chair.  As wild as you can be at times, you can also be the polar opposite.  You are total momma's boy, whenever you are sad you come to me, but you love your daddy something fierce.  You love to go run outside and greet him at the curb when he gets home from work. And you always recognize when he is gone and ask when he will be home when he leaves for work in the mornings.  "The boys" like to do special things only boys can mow the yard! You love following daddy around as he mows (which makes mommy nervous!!!) but you always stay a distance behind him pushing your mower behind.  You love doing exactly what daddy is doing! 

Most of all, you are such a huge blessing to us! We really can't put into words all you mean to us.  You have been with daddy and I from the very beginning.  And we've come a LONG way! You were always a constant reminder to us that we wanted more out of life. You were always our driving force whenever we made big life decisions like moving down to Texas when daddy took his new job, moving back home to be closer to family, when we accepted the new job territory to be the closest to all our family members, and I thought of you when I closed up my little side business to be a better mommy to you, and when we picked out our new house you were always on our mind. We have always wanted the best for you first and foremost.  You drive us in a way no one else can.  You are always our #1, and whenever daddy and I look at you we are reminded in all that is good in life.  Nothing else matters more than being your parent.  You are the love of our life and are a constant bond of the love daddy and I have for each other.  You are the best thing that ever happened to us, and it seems as the years pass by our joy for life only grows bigger.  We love you forever and ever. You are the most special being we will ever know is this life and we thank God everyday for getting the privilege to be your parents! 

Love you forever,
Mommy & Daddy

Thursday, September 19, 2013

{home update}

Hey Friends!  

I'm back, and happy to report all our foyer wallpaper has come down.  I did it last week by myself and it was surprisingly easier than I thought.  I was so scared I was going to damage our plaster walls, I didn't even score the paper.  I just soaked the walls generously in a water/vinegar solution with a sponge and let it sit for a while and then started peeling it off.  It took a few hours.  Some walls strangely enough were easier than others.  I spent a few hours the next day scraping some of the remaining adhesive, but all in all it wasn't horrible.  I'm guessing our paper was prepped well before which made its removal easier.

I'm just happy that paper is instantly dated the house and every time I looked at it passing through it reminded me we were living in someone else's old house.  I needed it down in order for it to start feeling like our house.  I know that probably sounds crazy....but you know how I am. 

I still haven't painted (waiting for Sherwin Williams sale which starts tomorrow, 40% off paint!) but I think I've found my color:

Sherwin Williams, Jogging Path, this photo makes it look darker than it really is...But its a nice basic neutral. Silver-khaki colored. 

I am also going to try like mad to get our dining room maybe even the kitchen painted before Roverboy's birthday party next Friday (he is turning THREE!! I can't even wrap my head around it...).  Hubs is going to the football game this weekend and I have a hot date with my paint roller...very exciting.... ;)

In dining room news I finally pulled the trigger an ordered a table online.  I've been searching like a crazy lady for a table for our dining room.  I was pretty sure I wanted the Trivoli pottery barn table, but I just couldn't talk myself into spending that kind of money on a table that I knew my rover was going to beat up.  I also was still on the fence as to what style I really wanted...pedestal or 4 legs. Then I saw this image from Brooke of Blueprint Bliss blog.  Her breakfast table in the was absolutely PERFECT for our dining room.

Blueprint Bliss: the kitchen... so far

 Ideally I was going to find an antique piece exactly like Brooke's table, but I was scouring craigslist for weeks and nothing was popping up.  Then one night I was doing my googling and stumbled upon this table via Home Decorators Collection.  It's not what I would call an antique and it has a little more pf a decorative apron, but it has a similar french country style and it was under budget so I went for it.  I think it is formal enough for holiday dinners but casual enough for morning breakfast. I can't wait until it arrives.  It had good reviews so I'm really hoping I like it! If not it will be going back.  I scored free shipping & free return by ordering it through Home Depot's website. So I don't have much to loose if I don't like it. 

 Of course, it doesn't have matching now I'm on the hunt for something that will work with it.  I'm picturing it paired with an upholstered chair, but lets be honest I have a messy family.  I'm not sure how much scotch guard it would take to keep them clean, but I'm imagining vast amounts.  My other option is possibly a slip-covered upholstered chair.  Something I could throw in and launder should it get inevitably get dirty.  

I will let you know what I find and hopefully I will get some pictures for y'all so you can see what I've done all this rambling about! 

Thanks for listening...hope y'all have a wonderful week! Be back again soon! 

Saturday, September 14, 2013

{dutch doors}

One of my absolute favorite parts of our house (I have many favorite areas!)  is our dutch door.  You just don't see them used often here in the Midwest! I fully plan on utilizing our door once we get a balcony railing up (our dutch door is off the 2nd floor master bedroom).  Meanwhile I've been gathering inspiration!  

I'm crushing over Grace Happen's Dutch door featured on Holly Mathis' blog. It's such a lovely shade of green!  Of course I love her brass kick plate as well....planning on adding some bling to all our doors as well! It's amazing how a simple plate can dress up a door instantly. 


The red/coral door below is fun too, but what I'm really loving is the balcony railing design.  

grey + white + poppy dutch door  details of balcony accents, supports etc

Of course, a black lacquer door always looks quite sharp. Very classic.

Dutch door

I really love this green/greige color is gorgeous too! I've always loved this image. 

black dutch door

Decisions, Decisions....

What's your favorite? 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

{curtain source}

I just wanted to drop in today and tell y'all about a secret source I have for very affordable, but high end looking curtains.

are you ready for it?

JCPennys.  Who da thought right? 

I always preach to my clients it's important to spend money on your window treatments! Nothing makes a room look ugly quicker than cheapo window panels. Window treatments play a huge role in the overall look and feel of your room.  I think every room needs to be addressed individually as far as which particular type of treatment you need.  Sometimes you just need a panel that is a little dressier....whether that be for a formal living room or your master bedroom, some rooms just call for something extra.  

In comes pinch pleat style curtains.  These are typically made through your workroom, but if you are needing more affordable option, JCP's Prelude Curtains will do the trick.  I purchased these for our living room and so far I'm loving them.  I wish they were a little nicer fabric and the ends of them do tend to curl a tad (I'm going to sew in my own weight to help address that problem). But for the most part I am super happy with these look-for-less panels.  I am going to get rings for mine to add a little length to them and when I do, I will post a photo so y'all can see how high end these look. 

Monday, September 9, 2013


Hope y'all had a great weekend!

I'm going to try and share a few of our house photos here very soon...I'm a few months behind on downloading photos from my camera! eek! I'm also trying to remember to take "before" shots before I begin any projects. My plan is to go room by room and show y'all my ideas for each space.  I think it really helps to live in the space before you go out and buy furniture/art/accessories to fill your home.  It's interesting how different your ideas can change as you realize how you utilize each individual room in your home.  

So far we have been living with our house as is...but some wallpaper will be coming down shortly! 

As for the outside we have our fair share of projects there too.  I am currently obsessing over landscaping the double lot we live on.  The previous homeowners gave us a pretty good start with a few areas we can build on.  But there is still more we would like to do.  

I know it's totally the wrong season...but many perennials are on sale right now, its quite tempting to go out and dig up some soil. I suppose the second best option is diggin' up good landscaping ideas via pinterest. 

 Here are some of my faves: 

Limelight hydrangeas. They grow up to 8 ft tall, can grow in full sun or shade and can tolerate dry soil. Beautiful!

contrasting hostas -- leaf size and colors

Down the Garden Path

Plant lemon grass in big pots for the patio... it repels mosquitoes and it grows  tall


Hydrangea garden.

blue star creeper - Google Search

Water friendly gardens.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

{pinterest inspiration}

Tour Sarah's upstate New York farmhouse!

Using Shiplap Walls - by Phoebe Howard

Beautiful entrance with Creeping fig, topiaries, lantern...

Apple Green Kitchen Artwork From HGTV Magazine

Trimmed open shelving, glass storage containers

High Street Market

climbing roses, pretty wood bench

Happy Wednesday! 

Monday, September 2, 2013

{home update}

Happy Labor Day Friends! 

We are finally "home" and it feels SO good! It's been a long week, but we survived and are so happy! 

Now with labor day sales happening right now. I'm dying to get some steals for our new place! But I'm withholding the urge to buy just anything to fill up our house...even though its quite tempting this weekend. 

One thing we desperately need is a new dining table.

I'm leaning towards this table below for the dining room. We went table shopping locally last weekend, but nothing caught my eye.  I need something that looks nice enough for a formal dining room, but durable enough to withstand everyday wear.  This table will be our primary place of eating and y'all know kids are so hard on furniture! I need a completely smooth table top for cleaning and writing purposes, as I'm guessing this table will probably be a multi-functional work horse in our family! I've loved pedestal tables for as long as I can remember and being that our dining room is pretty much a hallway for the kitchen I like that there would be no sharp corners to run into. This PB guy might be a good option. 

Of course, being that it's PB it would be a pretty penny by the time we'd add in all the chairs.  I'm hoping it would be worth it?! My alternative is to wait it out and find an antique piece that will fit in perfectly...but that could take time.

What we'd spend extra on the dining furniture we'd save on our master headboard from *gasp* walmart. I really think this could be a good fit for us.  I might just pull the trigger on it today since it's so reasonably priced and has excellent reviews.

We also need window treatments for most of our main level windows (I'm seeing $$$$$$$).  Our living room has cheapy blinds but I would like to add drapery panels and natural woven shades for warmth.  We also have two windows in the dining room and kitchen sink window needs something as well, as I can't stand feeling like I live in the a fish bowl....these poor windows are totally bare.

For the Kitchen window, I would really like to put in a flat roman, but there is just no clearance above the window for it.   In my mind I would do Victoria Hagan's Four Seasons in Autumn.
But at $160 a yard...not sure I can justify that!!

 Soooooo.....I'm leaning towards maybe a pinch pleat cafe curtain instead in a more affordable fabric.

Here are my other possible options:

 Schumacher print?


Or maybe Braemore Gazebo Umber:

Or maybe something a little crazier, like this Braemore botanical fern print?


The possibilities are endless...but I still can't get Four seasons off my mind.

It's really too bad this new home didn't come with a money tree in the backyard. I've got far too many projects on my hands right now!  

Happy Labor Day Weekend...hope y'all get some rest and relaxation! 

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