Monday, July 22, 2013

{artist love:: christina baker}

I love art, always have, always will! 

Being an designer I also know how personal art is to each client.  Art is like design, it's all so subjective....what one person loves, another person loathes.  But that's what makes it fun! 

The best thing about Artwork is that it can be a game changer for a space, taking it up a notch instantly.  It has such a resonating effect and if done right, it can be the centerpiece for the whole room.  There's two things I frown upon when designing a room: having no artwork (boo!), or even worse yet having reproduction big box store artwork (yuck!!).  Just say no to the big box store art...find something original.  There are thousands of starving artists out there, someone can make you something personal and one-of-a-kind for less than what you'd pay at a big box store, I guarantee it.  

That is all to say, one of my current favorite artists is Christina Baker.  I love how fresh and colorful her abstract pieces are.  You can check out her work here

Splash Image

Christina Baker

Christina Baker | Gummy Bears

Abstract art by Christina Baker - available via Artsy Forager

Christina Baker | Rose Garden Promises

Christina Baker | Jelly Beans

Abstract art by Christina Baker

Hope y'all enjoy your Monday! 

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