Wednesday, June 5, 2013

{designer love:: Hanna Seabrook}

Hi Friends!!!
 Hope your week is going great... I'm getting a little late start due to traveling.  But I'm happy to report our house hunting trip went really well.  It's so surreal walking through a town knowing this is where you are going to do life!  We've waiting for this time for sooo long, and now it's finally happening.  Super exciting! 

Anyways, today I'm sharing with you the historic home of Hanna Seabrook, creative founder of GADABOUT.  She is seriously cute as pie, and her style is absolute perfection as far as I'm concerned.  I discovered her through Glitter Guide's Style at Home blog and I'm so glad I did...she's definitely one to remember! Please check out Glitter Guide's original post to find out more about Hanna and her gorgeous abode. 


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Hope y'all have a wonderful Wednesday! 

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