Tuesday, June 11, 2013

{bead board...yay or nay?}

One of the houses we are favoring from house hunting last week has bead board everywhere. It's an older farmhouse but has some modern updating.  The previous owner was a carpenter, and let's just say...he must have gotten a good deal on the bead board.  It's floor to ceiling  (it might even be on the ceiling...I can't remember...) in 3 or 4 rooms. Not sure I'm crazy about it (it looks so unfinished right now...and it makes all the rooms look extra dark with all the wood tones) but I think given a fresh coat of paint, it could grow on me.  I mean it is a farm house after all, and given the fact that we could have horses in our back yard, I know Mr. Cattlebuyer would be happy!

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