Thursday, May 2, 2013

{thesis revisited}

I always blog about whatever random thoughts I have in my head (if you can't tell...).  The other day while on a walk I was thinking back on all the interior projects I did in college, and I thought maybe it'd be fun to share some of those with my blog readers.  Although, we focused primarily on commercial "projects" in college, I still use so many of the skills I learned in design school! Just looking back at these images brings back so many feelings and memories of all the hard work and dedication it takes to make it through design school. I think when people "think" of interior design majors they think of easy peasy "arts and crafts" classes. Although, that would have been fine with me, it was anything but! We were held to the same standards as the architecture students, and it was TONS of late nights (or no nights at all...) I mean literally, we would spend entire days without sleep.  It was beyond crazy! 

Anyways, I could talk forever about college, but I thought today I'd show you my senior thesis project. I created and marketed a bakery + cafe venue, Sweet Kneads, located in Memphis, TN.  These boards show everything except my physical materials which were located in the bottom left corner of the details board (you can barely see them in the very last photo).  Also, if you can't tell we had to stick to a lot of contemporary elements in design school.  Kind of funny now, because I tend to gravitate towards very different styles now.  

Hope y'all had a great day! 

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