Wednesday, May 29, 2013

{my lucky day}

Every once in a while I win once every 10 years. :) 

Well I found out on Monday I won a free pair of TOMS from, It's a Girl Thing, one of the cutest boutiques I've been too in Texas! I used to frequent the boutique when we lived in TX but now just follow them religiously on facebook! :) 

 I had to send them my style preference, and let me tell you it was so hard to choose! 

These are the pairs I narrowed it down between:

Pink Orange Women's Bimini Stitchouts

Green Blue Women's Bimini Stitchouts

Earthwise Pink Women's Vegan Classics

Snow Leopard Women's Vegan Classics

University Black Rope Sole Women's Classics
Gilded Herringbone Women's Classics

Do y'all have a favorite style?? I can't wait to see what they send me, of course, I will be thrilled with any pair!! Will definitely post a picture when they come! 

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