Friday, May 17, 2013

{my boy}

My boy.

He really is the sweetest thing on earth.  I hope y'all don't mind, but I'm taking time to document all his little quirks today.  I don't want to forget any of this precious time.


He always says "paaaahhhlleeeeesseee" and "gank you" mommy. He's also pretty good about saying "sorry" and is seriously is the best toy-sharer ever (knock on wood...this could be just a phase.) He calls me "momma" and dad is still "daddy". :) 

He loves his "teddy"and his "snuggie".  Rides on his scooter bike all day long, and insists on taking his race cars (hot wheels) everywhere he goes. He picks a favorite one (every week it changes..) We spend hours at the "jesus" (church) park-- his favorite is the slide.  He also loves pretending to skateboard at the park...dragging one leg after him-- he's watches the big kids! 

He loves marshmallows, m&ms, and will do just about anything for a dum-dum or pack-o-chewies (fruit snacks).  

He asks to go to the "cars section" (toys) as we enter stores (my fault for taking him there a time or two)...kid is obsessed with cars. He stills insists on "rockie" & "toonies" (cartoons) every morning, I'm happy to oblige to his wishes. 

He likes to tell people when people ask him his name, "I'm a kid, I'm Cash!"  :) Around strangers he is usually bashful at always takes him a while to warm up.  When asked about his uncle Cole, he says "he's in Ganistan." (Afghanistan)...sweet thing sure misses his uncle! He absolutely adores being with his grandmas & grandpas and cousins. 

He has taken a liking to wearing his "baseball shirts" (anything with a sports logo...Lord help me!) and usually insists on dressing himself "all by myself..." he says. He also pretends he is a magician "ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls...." and has a tendency to talk out of the corner of his mouth when he asks questions.  I get "wazzz that mommmy?" about 100 times a day from my little inquisitive one. Whenever we see a small animal or baby at the park he goes "ohhhhhh, it's so cute" "that baby so cute!". He just recently started talking to himself while he plays..."I'm just tending momma." (pretending) and he loves wearing "evie shoes" (his cousin's old hand-me-down shoes.)

He adores his "quiet time" (story time) in the evenings.  We snuggle on the bed. He always folds his hands together at nighttime to pray...we thank Jesus for our race cars, snacks, teddy, scooter, and our friends and family. We always end our prayers with a big "AMMMEEEN".  

At the end of everyday I always thank God for this child he has given me. Aren't kids just the best?

 Y'all have a great weekend!

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