Thursday, May 23, 2013

{lesley's summer loves}

I don't know about about y'all but I am so ready for summer (!!!) has been the longggggest winter ever here in the Midwest.  I'm praising the good Lord above that memorial day weekend is finally here! 

I thought today I'd share with you my favorite summer loves. 

1. Monogram Ball Cap:: Ordered my navy + pink cap last summer from a shop on etsy and I've about worn it out...thinking orange or green would be fun this summer! 

2. Sugar Lips by fresh.  Perfectly tinted and has spf 15, what more could you want?

3. LL bean boat & tote bag-- of course I need another tote bag like I need a hole in my head, but seriously they are such versatile bags! 

4. Jack Rogers- I know I talk about jacks wayyy too much. But I need a gold pair in my life asap. 

5. Target V-neck tees.  Just stocked up on these last weekend while at target. You can't beat their affordable price and they are perfectly light weight for those hot summer days! 

6. Banana Boat Sunscreen spf 50.  I'm all about the sun protection the higher the spf the better in my opinion.  This stuff will burn the eyes so be careful with it, but is their no better summer smell than your baby wearing banana boat?  

7. Ann Taylor LOFT denim shorts.  I am picking up a pair of these next time I get to the store. You just can't ever have enough pairs of comfortable denim shorts...

8. Marc Jacobs Sunnies.  I need new sunnies so bad-- mine are bent all sorts of different directions and I look like a total goon!  These seem fun enough with their tortoise frame and sort of retro looking! Me likey! 

9. J. Crew Factory Linen Skirt.  I've been wanting this since last summer...I'm uncertain on what size to order.  Although, it has an elastic waist so I'm assuming it's fairly forgiving. 

10. Emi - Jay hair ties.  I actually made my own last summer (so easy...just knotted elastic). I found my elastic at michaels and whipped up a huge batch in under an hour.  Perfectly cute for those hot days when you just need to put your hair up! 


I know I'm probably forget a few things, but these are some of best I could think of! Hope y'all have a great Memorial Day Weekend! 

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